OOTD 10.3.2011

/ Monday, October 3, 2011 /
First time doing an OOTD (Outfit Of the Day). First time for everything right?

What I have on: long black shirt from Misses Me, size M, + corresponding belt from Ebay, $7
(the shirt and the belt came together in a set)

Note 1: I probably should've gotten the Small size instead because the belt was too wide and I had to hole punch extra holes into the belt, and the shirt was super wide (but I guess that's how the shirt's supposed to be?)
Note 2: The shirt is actually supposed to be just a shirt, but since I'm so short (barely above 5') it basically is a mini-dress. So thus, that's how I use it! lolz.

Oh yeah, and of course, purple flip-flops, Old Navy, $2.50

I'm a pretty casual dresser; after all, I live in a college dorm setting, what can you expect?
I think I'm a pretty good bargain hunter, huh?

I apologize you can't see my whole body; I was trying to hold up the mirror at a proper angle while trying to take a pic. So my head got cut out....O.o



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