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/ Wednesday, November 30, 2011 /
#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?

The character "treasure" in Chinese.

#2. What's a weird habit of yours?

I will randomly braid my hair in class, whenever, when I'm waiting on the bus, when I'm listening to someone, when I'm talking, etc.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?

Fear of giant pizzas attacking! (nightmare)
#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

Skrillex. All dubstep. All Eurodance and House. Lady Gaga songs. Anything with a very solid beat.

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?

Leaving toothpaste in the sink. Walking into wet bathroom floors with socks on. Being in really cold rooms for a long time. Touching doorknobs only to realize they're crusted with stuff (e.g. food).

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?

I will twist myself into a human pretzel whenever I talk about uncomfortable issues.

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

I can't really tell - my bed is a twin XL.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal && it's name?

It was a stuffed pink rabbit, from what I remember. I think its name was Miss Mayli or Miss Baby.

#9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks?
Mocha frappe, skim milk.

#10. What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Use your makeup brushes lightly! 

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?

Towards the showerhead (I never really thought about this before).

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I can literally put my foot in my mouth. When I was a baby, while other kids would suck their thumbs, I would suck my toes.

#13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?

Hot cheetos. Dark chocolate.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
Ai ya!

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
Loose t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt, gym shorts or sweatpants (during winter).

Dating advice - reblogged

/ Sunday, November 27, 2011 /

These are personality qualities, you may be able to find these in the Hunkiest Fireman, to the Doctor with brains pouring out his ears, and you may also be able to find these qualities in computer nerds, or Army personnel. Now I’ve specifically left out any sexually based lines in here, as much as sex does become a large part of a lot of relationships, there’s a vast number of girls out there looking for a Good Boyfriend, and for a “Good Boyfriend” sex is a side effect of the actual relationship, not the center of it. Conversation, the ability to talk to each other, without it devolving into a roaring argument is the center. Well here’s my 25 qualities that make for a good Boyfriend. Feel free to add any others that aren’t covered under mine.

25. He will surprise you with the small gestures, even when it's no special occasion, but not frequently enough that these surprises are expected.

24. When he's planning a party involving invitation, he rights your invitation, first, and last, mails one, and personally delivers the other to you.

23. He'll survive "Being Killed" in a computer or console game, when you want to get his attention, and won't blame you when he meets his spectacularly bloody end.

22. He Notices when you get your hair done, and doesn't tell you that you look like a man now.

21. Once in a while, after months or years of being together, he goes into an entire new period of concentrated kind gestures, gifts, and fun dates, as so to not let things run stale.

20. He talks solidly to you, about anything, for a Minimum 20 minutes a day, even away on business. Busy schedule? He'll have to make the time.

19. When the time is available, he'll stay up chatting over the phone, or across a pillow, for Hours, and then let you sleep in the morning to catch up on lost sleep.

18. He has a small jealous streak, to let you know he cares about you, but doesn't allow this to consume him with a possessive personality over you.

17. He'll accept you for all your quirks, loving the cute ones that define you as who you are, and forgiving the ones that aren't so cute "Hun, I bought my 3000th pair of shoes today, what do you think?"

16. He will always support you in any conflicts you have, during those conflicts, but will reserve the right to air his point of view on the whole situation, if he feels things could be handled differently, when he talks to you privately about it with you, after supporting you in the conflict anyways.

15. He will be your voice of reason, thinking as a logical second set of eyes when you want to do something that could be very stupid, he will tell you his concerns on the matter to make them clear, and then if you still want to do it, He'll support you straight through to the end.

14. He calls you Beautiful rather than Hot, and truly knows that Beauty is the combination of Physical and personality appeal, rather than Hot which is simply raw Physical appeal

13. Has the Nerve to be honest with you, even when the answer to the question you asked, is going to hurt.

12. If something is troubling him, he'll tell you the whole situation, and ask for your advice, because he values your opinions.

11. He will like your pets, take any medication he needs to be able to handle them, and buy them a pet treat from time to time, they're part of your family, and should be treated as such.

10. He Will NOT find some "Accidental" way to kill Fluffy the Dog, or Princess the Kitty, because the Animal sensed his Devil stench

9. When you want to take Dance Lessons, he agrees to join you, as a dance partner, if it's ballet, he should agree to wear a tutu, though for pole dancing, he will only agree to be there to watch.

8. He will give you the moral support you may need from time to time, letting you know that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

7. He has enough guts, that when you say you want to do some crazy, near suicidal experience, he'll give you a passionate kiss while you're freefalling from that airplane.

6. He will realise that the key to a girl’s heart, is not jewellery, but him having a healthy relationship with her best friends.

5. He is of the maturity to be able to realize, that he does have faults. Not all of which can just be overcome easily, but for you, he tries to be a better man.

4. He will learn from His Mistakes.

3. When he sees that you're pissed off, or upset about something, he first asks if ‘you are Ok?’ And then asks if ‘you want’ to tell him what's wrong.

2. Puts the Toilet Seat DOWN, and cleans the whole toilet, without being asked once a week. Untold small girlfriends have been eaten sewer gators because of careless Boyfriends leaving the seat up.

1. He makes YOU feel like the Perfect Girlfriend.

Youtube Makeup Artist of the Month!

/ Friday, November 25, 2011 /
Here is YT MUA of the Month again!

This month's guru is... kandeejohnson! Kandee Johnson is a celebrity makeup artist. She was once a model, then a mom, then a beauty school student, and now a celebrity makeup artist.

Her YT channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/kandeejohnson

She also has a facebook page, a makeup blog, and a personal blog.

Kandee is a beautiful woman with a big heart. She is an excellent momma of four children, and has gone through a lot of tough times. A LOT. However, she is still incredibly nice, sweet, and genuine. She does a variety of looks as well as other things, including:

Summer makeup:

Mila Kunis look:

She also talks about products that are really helpful, like this dry shampoo vid:

She also provides updates about the "Latest Beauty News" with news on new products, trends, etc.

In addition, she does a lot of cool looks to look like certain characters. It's really cool!
Flo the Progressive Lady:

Edward Scissorhands:

Betty Boop:

Isn't she talented?

She also gives helpful tricks and tips as well, such as this skincare help vid:

Whiter teeth:

DIY Eye Makeup remover:

Egg mask:

I personally think she is a sweetheart. She is gorgeous and is awesome on both the inside and the outside. Kudos to Kandee!


Happy Thanksgiving! + OOTD using a nightgown???

/ Thursday, November 24, 2011 /
Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving! Yay!

Soo many images of home....
Thanksgiving 1

Small Pumpkin Pie

Today, in celebration, of course, I'm eating a tooonnn of food with my family. I'm back at home (away from college and classes)

And... I decided to do an OOTD for ya! THis is actually kinda old.... taken in my dorm... trust me, today, I look NOTHING like this. Today I look like this:

Fat Round Cat

Anyways, here's the OOTD for ya. (Taken at dorm before I went home) Enjoy!


Black Jacket: Live a Little, ~$25
Lipstick lips nightgown: Ebay, $2 (WOW!)
Brown tights: $12, Target
Black leather boots: Bandolino, ~$100 (I got them on sale for ~$50)
Belt: Target, ~$10

There ya go! an OOTD with a nightgown that is still wearable outdoors =D

Have a great day! Happy Thanksgiving and stuff yourselves to the max!

Nail polish remover review

/ Wednesday, November 23, 2011 /
Hey guys,

I feel like people often do reviews of nail polish, but not actually of the remover. So here's one that I'm currently using:

It's the Target line of StudioTools nail polish remover, acetone-free. I'm really glad it doesn't have acetone but I'm pretty sure the ingredient that is replacing that has to be just as corrosive in order to get the job done.

I've got to say that it does the job well. It was a professional size, and was $2.50, relatively cheap. It does the job better than just about any other acetone-free nail polish remover I've used.

I want you guys to notice something:

I don't know if you can see, but there is actually an expiration date! Nail polish remover actually also has an expiration date, and expires, despite what people say.

Anyways, will this be a repo? Probably!



/ Monday, November 21, 2011 /
Top coat + Bottom coat: Revlon Multi Care Base+Top Coat
2 Coats: Revlon Top Speed in Hazy

Garnier Fructis Heat Protectant Review

/ Friday, November 18, 2011 /

I bought the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector awhile back from CVS for about $5. Heat protectant is good for spraying your hair before you iron it, to protect it from the heat given off by the iron. (Lolz, sorry for the repetition, right now it's the middle of the last wave of midterms before finals, and I'm really tired)

I don't really often iron my hair, but when I do, I notice that my hair basically becomes "paralyzed straight." Meaning, normally, my hair is pretty straight (stereotypical asian hair), but when I iron it, it becomes "super straight." I usually only iron my hair for special occasions, or if I'm just having a bad hair day....

How I use it: holding the spray bottle about 1/2 foot away from my hair, I spray it on all parts of my hair. A lot of sprays....

Effect: So far, I haven't noticed much of a difference, except that perhaps my hair is less dry after I iron it than before, when I didn't use it. And definitely it makes my hair smell nice. Kind of like the Fruitopia Silk & Shine anti-frizz serum, but the smell is a bit stronger.

Final thoughts? Would this be a repurchase? Perhaps in the distant future. Right now I want to focus on finishing this bottle, and then trying the Tresemme heat protectant. I've heard really good reviews about that one. What are your thoughts on the theory behind heat protectant and how well they work in general? Do they work for you? What brands have you tried and liked/disliked? Leave a comment below!


Fruitopia hair serum review

/ /

I bought this hair serum (fruitopia silk & shine anti-frizz serum) from CVS for $5 awhile back. I've been wanting to review it for awhile but I never got the time... oh the woes of a college student :(

Anyways.... here we go!

What is this product for? It's to, obviously, make your hair sleek and shiny. It's supposed to prevent frizzing. What's interesting is that it also has a sunscreen protectant to protect against UV rays. Or so the packaging says.

So thus, what I do to use it is that I will pump out about a dime to a quarter of the product into my hand, rub it in my hand, and massage it into my hair. All parts of my hair, especially my roots.

The results? Well, I'll tell you this. My hair has become a bit more tame since before I started using it. By tame, I mean it's become slightly flatter, although that's not necessarily a bad thing for me?

Also, it definitely smells really good. The smell is very fruity and kind of reminds me of Garnier Fructis's smell. I do like the fact that it has UV protectant, although I don't know how much use that has in the long run on the hair....

Would I repurchase this? I dunno. Although I can definitely say that I've used it about 2-3X/week for the past 1.5 months, and I've barely used even 1/8 of it. This means, that if my super-tired brain can do calculations properly, I could use this little pump bottle for an entire year - the product will last me a year. A year for $5? I think it's worth a try at least. What I will say is that after this product, I am now more interested in hair serums, and am thinking of trying others after this one is done.

What do you guys and girls think of hair serums? Any brands you'd suggest me to try? Leave a comment!


Hair serum + heat protectant review!

/ Thursday, November 17, 2011 /
Hey guys,

Today I'm gonna do a review on two products I purchased earlier during the semester/year at CVS.

This was the first product I bought, the Fruitopia sleek & shine anti-frizz serum. It was $5. I've used it for awhile. Every other night, after I wash my hair, I would pump out about a dime's worth of product onto my hands and rub it in my hands. Then I would rub it all throughout my hair.

Does it work?
Well I'll tell you this. I actually have very straight hair that normally doesn't go frizzy, so that's not the thing. I wanted it because it actually has anti-UV properties for the hair, which is nice. Also, along with some other stuff I've been doing, my hair has grown faster - it used to only grow about 1 inch/month but now it's more like 1.5 inches per month. Nice huh? It does smell nice, and gives my hair extra protection. Will it be a repurchase? I dunno - I'll have to test it out longer to see.

Second product:

This is the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector, aka the heat protectant. I use it and spray it on my hair before ironing. Wow - I've got to say since I've got a substantial amount of hair, this means that I have to use A LOT of the product, a lot of sprays, before my hair is well-protected. Ai ya.

However, the product smells very nice - just like all of the other Garnier products. Does it work? Well, along with the serum and the heat protectant and my shampooing/conditioning routine, my hair HAS been growing faster, and it's still relatively healthy. So I think it's pretty good. Will it be a repo? I dunno - I want to try the Tresemme one (heat protectant) and see what that one does - it's the one that a lot of people have recommended to me. Also, Tresemme is my favorite brand for shampoo/conditioner, so I'm kind of loyal there, but we'll see.

Have a great day guys!


Goals for life/petty things/weird things!

/ Wednesday, November 16, 2011 /
1. Solve a rubix cube
2. Learn to knit, sew, crochet
3. Learn to iron clothing
4. Learn to grill
5. Visit the Eiffel Tower and go to the top
6. Go to the forests of Washington and see what Twilight's scenes were really like
7. Attend to a chocolate convention and try lots of new chocolates
8. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef off of the coast of Australia
9. Go to Antarctica, get surrounded by a bunch of Emperor Penguins (which are about as tall as I am)
10. Pet a seal
11. Own a labradoodle or golden doodle
12. Grow my hair out long and soft (I cut it really short this past summer)
13. Be able to wear 3'' high heels for 4 hrs straight w/o pain
14. Make a snow angel
15. Go cow tipping
16. Learn a 4th language
17. Visit Japan
18. Visit Spain
19. Learn to do french nails well
20. Read more of V.C. Andrews's books (very controversial author)
21. Go skydiving
22. Go bungee jumping
23. Ride in a helicopter
24. Fly around the world in 48 hours
25. Fly on first class
26. Fall asleep in a bathtub
27. Have a 12-hour chick flick movie marathon
28. Fly on the wings of a giant eagle or condor (just like in Avatar)
29. See an actual solar eclipse or lunar eclipse with my own eyes, rather than on a TV or laptop screen
30. Visit my 3rd grade teacher and tell him how he changed my life (a lot of the things I learned then I still remember now!! We were learning 5th, 6th grade history and science then, and getting the workload of the 6th grade. Wow!)

Anyways, those are some of the things that I want to do before I.... well, just go meet my maker. Of course some of them are ridiculous. What giant eagle or condor would let me fly on it? Lolz.


Texas Renaissance Festival, 2011 (Picture-heavy)

/ Monday, November 14, 2011 /
Texas Renaissance Festival (2011) - Theme: Highland Fling

 For more, click the jump!

Boba, pt 3

/ Sunday, November 13, 2011 /
Today I got some boba... even though it is getting chillier, I live in the deep south so it really doesn't ever truly get COLD, per-say, especially compared to the NE US and other parts of the countries where my friends from HS are living in.

I got some Mango-Green tea boba today.

It was very delicious. The only problem was that the boba balls were tiny!!!

Look at that!

It definitely was the first time I had tried boba with tiny balls. Sure it was kinda cool. However, I was very careful because I was afraid I would choke on the little balls.. the big boba balls are easier to get because they are chewy, and (in my opinion) have a smaller chance of getting choked on.

Interesting lid.

Have a great day everyone!

Never leave your noodles in water too long!

/ Friday, November 11, 2011 /
A few days ago, I was studying for all of my exams. I decided to make instant ramen noodles in order to give myself a boost of confidence.. yeah you know the Shin Ramyun kind, my fave kind =D

But the bad thing was... I forgot all about it!!! And I forgot to eat it, and it was just sitting there, and sitting there.... getting bigger and bigger....

The noodles swelled up bigger and bigger with water, till....

Oh my goodness! Look at it! I know it might look like regular ramen from this point of view but in reality the ramen had grown 3X what it was normally supposed to be. I had to throw it out because it was too watery and it was like eating mushy water rather than ramen :(

So, lesson of the day: NEVER put your ramen in water for too long! Eat it when it's supposed to be eaten!


Make a wish! 11/11/11

/ /
Hey guys and gals,

It's 11/11/11! Make a wish!
Michael blows the seeds from a dandelion flower


Take me away, dear dandelion, into the midsts of the abyss.
Take me beyond the wind, beyond the skies, into the land of bliss.
Do not remember my sighs, do not remember my cries, do not remember my tears, my pains, my fears.
Instead, remember my dreams, my dear fervent hopes, my joys, in this world we will meet.

Reasons to be so sad to be petite. + some interesting facts about being petite.

/ Saturday, November 5, 2011 /
I stand officially at 5' 2'', or rather, perhaps 5' 1.5''. I'm not really sure; just somewhere around there.

Tonight, I went out with my girlfriends to go have some fun. One of the girls I went with is a super tall, gorgeous lady - around 5'7'' or something. She was commenting how she wished she were short like me, how for me, there is a wider selection of men to choose from. However, I've got to say, I told her I would've said the same thing to her! I would love to be tall and gorgeous like she is.

Tell you the truth, even though my height is considered petite, the rest of me is pretty petite too. I'm actually pretty normal-sized (with normal "junk" and whatnot) but I have tiny feet (think size 5.5 - 6.5), tiny hands, tiny wrists, whatever.

Problems with being extremely short (petite I guess):
1. All of my pants, even the ones I buy from the petite department, have to be altered to actually fit.
2. None of the rings in most stores fit me.
3. I can still wear the clothes that I bought in the 5th and 6th grade (and still do wear them, hello Limited Too!)
4. I have to use a step-stool in lab in order to reach "taller" cabinets that most people just reach up with their arms to get to.
5. I have tiny ankles that can probably break easily.
6. My feet don't give me much support, so my center of gravity and my anchors to the ground are limited.
7. What most people consider to be shirts are dresses to me.
8. I have to walk extra steps just to catch up to most peoples' normal strides.
9. Wearing maxi dresses is impossible because they just become long enough to be wedding trains.
10. In a crowd, I can never see anything. Lolz.

Now for some interesting facts about being petite:
1. During high school in the winter, after walking home from the bus stop, I would enter my house and just crawl into my parents' laundry dryer. I'm small enough to fit completely inside of there.
2. I can get into and out of crowds pretty easily.
3. I eat a TON of food, perhaps 3X as much as an "average guy", so to speak. People are amazed that such a little girl can eat SO much food. Lolz!

So there you go. Being petite is not all it's cut out to be, I guess. But there are some random facts about being petite as well. What do you think are some advantages/disadvantages of being tall/short? Leave some comments plz!


Hilarious explosions!

/ Thursday, November 3, 2011 /
I just happened upon this and thought this was hilarious!

Awesome William's Overture music to go along with it too. Kind of reminiscent of V for Vendetta's last scene for blowing up Parliament.

Good night!



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