Review: Clean & Clear Finishes Even Tone Cleanser

/ Sunday, May 13, 2012 /

I got this about 1.5 months ago from my local Kroger's for $7, after my long-time HG Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cleanser (2% salicylic acid) ran out. I had decided to try something that wasn't as abrasive like the one with the salicylic acid, especially since I have other things in my routine that can help with that as well.

My first impressions? It seemed like it basically did nothing.

The instructions say to pump it 1-2 times and gently massage it onto your face. However, I needed about 3 or even 4 pumps to properly spread enough onto my face. I waited for about 10 sec, then washed it all off.

Results? It seemed like it basically did nothing. Like, literally. My face felt just as oily in the morning after using this as it did before.

It does seem to be gentle on the face though. It doesn't have any smell per-se, so I would think it isn't a shabby choice for people with sensitive skin who don't have acne. However, for people like me who do get acne, it is pretty useless.

Right now, I'm just trying to use it up. I think what I'm going to do is just use it in combination with my Origins Checks and Balances wash, and see what happens. So far, it seems like I'm still breaking out along my forehead line, although that might have to do with stress and environment as well.

We'll see.

Who would I think it would be good for? People with sensitive skin who don't have acne, who don't have oily skin, just have normal skin type.

Who do I think it would NOT be good for? Just about everyone else. Especially people with acne.

Would I repurchase this? Definitely not. Although it definitely is a good bargain for people who have the skin type that this would be suited for.

That's my opinion of it. Have you guys/gals every tried this? If so, what did you think of it? Any other things you guys/gals might suggest I try for a facial cleanser? Leave a comment!


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/ Saturday, May 5, 2012 /

Dress: Finity Dress (vintage), ~$40
Belt: don't remember where
Shoes: Aerosoles, ~$60

The Sunscreen Project, Part 7

/ Thursday, May 3, 2012 /

The Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream Sunscreen, SPF 32 is the seventh sunscreen I have tried during my quest to find a good sunscreen. I bought a few samples of this online via Ebay awhile ago and decided to try it during this time.

This eye cream is not a sunscreen for the entire face, per se, but since the eye area is still part of the face, I decided to include it in this series.

This eye cream has received a lot of rave reviews in many different places. As seen on Makeup Alley, Amazon and Sephora, it is seen as something that is very effective and provides a lot of protection from the sun.

The active ingredients list states: Octinoxate 4.9%; Zinc Oxide 9.3%

Hmm... those two ingredients. Useful or not? What did I think of it? Pretty good, overall.

When I first applied it, I felt as if my face did not have anything on it, anything heavy at all. It felt very light and refreshing. It settled into my skin and was absorbed very quickly. Afterwards, I just put on eye makeup around the area, e.g. concealer, eyeshadow, etc, and they did not melt off my face, aka were compatible with the makeup products. However, it felt very good and felt as if it were giving good protection.

It does not have Avobenzone, the only active chemical ingredient that is known for providing full-spectrum UVA ray coverage, but the thing is that avobenzone burns the eyes, and this eye cream certainly doesn't, so I think it is a good compromise. Zinc oxide, on the other hand, is definitely good in that it makes up for both UVA and UVB ray coverage.

Note: Sun rays can really damage the eye area, as the skin around the eye area is some of the thinnest and most delicate.

The only thing I don't like about it is the price. It is $32.50 for 0.5 oz. Granted, 0.5 oz will last you a long time, but still, I think that is a lot of money to shell out.

Pros: Very good coverage, high SPF (32), easy to absorb, can be used with makeup
Cons: Really high price

Overall, what do I think? If I had a lot of dough, yeah, of course! But, alas, that is not the case, so I will still keep looking.

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April YT MUA of the Month!!!

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This month's Youtube MUA of the Month is...


Diamondandheels14 is the user name of Cassandra Bankson, a 19-20 year old girl living in the Bay area of California. Cassandra is a model who does lots of youtube videos on makeup and skincare in her spare time!

She's done TONS of vids. Like, on my feed, she puts out perhaps 1-2 a day. That's a lot, considering how many days are in a year. Seriously!

Truth: Cassandra really has very acne-prone skin, meaning, lots of acne. However, she is able to use makeup to cover it up (very heavy coverage makeup). Look at the transformation here!

She said later on a talk show/news show that when she first put out this video, she didn't look at Youtube for a month, because she was so afraid of what everyone was going to say. She said that she had very little self-confidence about it but wanted to show the world the truth. And you know what? The world was so kind and responsive to it, for her bravery and courage! I personally applaud her for doing this. She is a beautiful young woman with a ton of talent and zest!

More videos:

Advice on skincare:

Ways to stop popping pimples:

Acne treatment:
Cystic acne:

Dirty makeup brushes with acne:

One thing that's really cool about her is that she connects skincare with makeup, which is something that is really important, as both are things that work on the skin. Very good!

Cassandra's actually been on a ton of talk shows and had a lot of publicity.

Things like:

UK Lorraine Show:

Good Morning America:


I would highly recommend diamondandheels14 as a channel to subscribe to for skincare and makeup-related topics. Really cool girl with a great attitude on life, and lots of courage and bravery!


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