January's YT MUA of the Month!!!

/ Friday, January 27, 2012 /
Let's see, so far we've done:


This month's Youtube Makeup Artist of the Month is.....


As you guys have probably seen before in some of my previous posts, I absolutely ADORE secretlifeofabionerd. This is the YT screen name of Kieu L. Cao, and is a fashion student based in Houston, Texas. She was originally from Nebraska but moved to Houston to attend fashion school.

What I really like about KL is that she offers not only stuff on makeup, but also fashion (after all, she IS a fashion student!), hair tutorials, advice about life, and comedy.

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Of course, first, she offers the typical makeup tutorials that are offered by other YT MUAs:

Neutral eyes:

Everyday makeup routine:

L'oreal Souffle:

Review on Revlon drugstore lipsticks:

You get the picture.

But what is really unique about her is that she also offers awesome DIY tips, tricks, etc for makeup, skincare, etc, from which people can make their own makeup, masks, etc for just a fraction of the normal price it would otherwise take to buy such things (along with other preservatives and stuff mixed into them).

Things such as:

Compressed face masks (that I have raved about in previous posts):

Hair removal wax:

Papaya soap:

Cinnamon lip gloss:

Oil absorbent sheets:

and much much more.

She also adds a bunch of tutorials on how to make clothes, toys, ornaments, etc, which she learned how to do from fashion school. I think that this is really nice of her to do so, since she is sharing the secrets she learned from fashion school with the rest of the world so that other people can try to do things she is so skilled at as well!

Things such as:

A teddy bear

Valentine ribbon trinket:

Changing pants into shorts:

Ruffled dress:


Baby Doll's dress from "Sucker Punch":



Another cool thing she does is that she puts up stuff for haircare, styling, tips and tricks, etc. She often dyes her hair, and thus each time she does so, she shows us how she does it, what she does to maintain it, etc. She has REALLY REALLY long hair, and she uses it to make these awesome hairstyles that I wish I could do, although my hair is a lot shorter.

Such as:

Haircare tips and tricks

Hair dye stuff:

How to curl hair:

Flower band hair-do:

50s-60s hair-do:

Special French braid twist:



Lastly, she features a comedy section on her channel as well, such as:

Car accident:

The men in her life:


Secretlifeofabionerd's channel is one of the most versatile I have ever found during my "perusal" of stuff on YT. I really recommend her for anyone looking for skincare, makeup, fashion, haircare, etc stuff, as well as comedy as well!


{ Alex Elkins } on: January 27, 2012 at 5:17 PM said...

I love secretlifeofabionerd!! Finally someone I knew about before reading it here heehee. I remember when she first uploaded that everyday makeup routine I wore it to school almost every day afterwards. I still love that look! You should check out beutifymeeh :)

{ Med School Girl } on: January 27, 2012 at 9:13 PM said...

@Alex: Yay I'm glad you like her looks. Yeah I'll look into beutifymeeh!

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