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/ Wednesday, January 4, 2012 /
Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Coconut Lime. With certified organic shea butter. Nice.

You can buy this from Kroger, Walmart, etc for around $7.50.

There are several scents: Hawaiian Kukui, Original, Brazillian Nut, and Coconut Lime. Personally, I like the Coconut Lime scent the best (which is why I got it, I guess?)

I bought 3 in total - two of which I gave to my friends for Christmas presents, and one for myself.

According to several online sources, a tub of body butter is supposed to expire within 1 year after opening. Thus, I have until approximately Christmastime next year to use this thing. Nice.

Here's what the stuff looks like on the inside:

Wow! Upon first sight, this stuff might look like a tub of lard. Grease. Eww. I dunno about you, but I NEVER use lard when I cook, and I cook legit Chinese food. Like, food that usually makes peoples' mouths water. (I use canola oil instead, or sesame oil or olive oil - SOO much better for you, using unsaturated fats - but that's a scientific discussion for another day).

However, here's the initial application:

Note: The ring is my college ring (I am NOT engaged or married, peoplz!).

And here's it after rubbing it in:
Very nice stuff.

The smell is very nice - for me, it just smells like it has coconut. I can't tell if there is a lime scent, but then again, during the winter, right now my nose is totally stuffed up with allergies.

I find that if I apply this to my arms and legs just before I go to sleep, the next morning, my skin feels SOO smooth. So nice. However, I would suggest only putting a little bit on - trust me, as the cliche goes, "a little bit (does really) go a long way."

Contrary to its lard-like appearance, this stuff doesn't feel very greasy at all. It feels very smooth and nice, thicker than lotion, more like a cream to apply. I would highly recommend this to anyone who does not have very sensitive skin and needs something that is more hydrating than lotion. This is very good especially for wintertime use. And of course, it is very affordable.

Would this be a repurchase for me? Probably! Although I might try one of the other scents, but still, Tree Hut Shea Body Butter is definitely awesome.

Have you guys and gals tried this out? Are there any body butters/lotions/creams/etc you would suggest? Leave a comment!



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