How to get your caffeine fix

/ Saturday, May 28, 2011 /
Hey guys,

So as you all probably know already, I am a college student. In fact, not to brag, I go to a pretty prestigious college in the US (which one it is, I will not say, but it was rated by USA today as one of the top 20 in the US). Sorry, I just wanted to support my school a bit anonymously. I love my school, its spirit, the dormitory system, the classes, my friends, everything. Anyways, sorry. Back to my point: my school life can be very busy, quite hectic at times. And it is for basically all college students these days. We have classes at 9 PM, review sessions at 11 PM or midnight, practices at midnight, etc etc etc. We have weekend parties, all-nighters, etc etc etc. It's absolutely crazy.

So what do you do when you're in the middle of everything, and you have to stay up to do work and stuff? Well, you do what you need to do. You get your fix of whatever to keep you awake.

I've tried just about everything, and here's my two cents on all of those things....

1. Coffee - start with the basics.
Coffee does work, but only when your brain is in a stable state to tolerate it. This is going to get a bit sciency....

So basically, what your brain does is that when it is tired, in the synapses of the neurons of your brain (those are the gap spaces between your brain cells, which are linked together like pieces of wire) it releases a chemical called adenosine.

Adenosine triggers a signal in your body that tells your body that it is tired. Thus, you yawn, your attention span decreases, you have a yearning to drift off, etc etc etc.

Now, what caffeine does is that it stops adenosine from being released into your synapses, thus stopping you from feeling the effects of adenosine. In essence, it tricks your limbs into thinking that you are not tired. Tricky molecules...

Tricky molecules huh?? Here they are side by side for comparison:

Anyways, sorry about that aside. I'm a bio nerd so I'm kind of obsessed about things like this. So, what happens is that the caffeine basically tricks your body, like before. But, the thing is that you caffeine doesn't work after adenosine has already been released. Thus, if you are already tired, caffeine won't help. This is why you can have 4 cups of coffee sometimes and still be able to fall asleep. You just have to drink it at the right time for it to work. So, the trick is to drink it when you know you will be tired later.

Anyways, thus, coffee works fine for me, but I have to add milk or stevia or agave nectar or something. If I don't add anything, all it does is make me nauseated and want to throw up. Alternatively, espresso shots also work, although you might want to dilute them with milk and sugar and stuff.

Tricky stuff eh?
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Fave songs, May 2011

/ Wednesday, May 25, 2011 /
Hey guys,

Sorry, it's been a long while since I did a fave songs post. I've just been really really busy with school, and finals, and everything, so finally I've been able to update more frequently after everything else has occurred.

So thus, here's a fave songs post!

I apologize if I've repeated songs from the past. It just emphasizes how much I love these songs!

1. "Prrrm" by Cosculluela

2. "Pretty Boy" by M2M

3. "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars

Oblivious Alsk

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So I was searching on Youtube the other day. There's this cool guy from the University of Houston named Alan Rask, a.k.a. Oblivious Alsk, or Alsk - a syncretic blend of "Alan" and "Rask." He aspires to become a science teacher someday and started a youtube channel series to help himself prepare. On his channel, he hosts a show called "Science or Not", where he features cool scientific and historical topics, while also bringing in non-scientific facts that he considers to be interesting.

So why do I think this guy is cool?

Well, first off, there's the whole cool ponytail thing. Sure, non-conventional. But at the same time, the news he talks about (the science or not part) is really really interesting. Exploding watermelons, 657 islands being discovered in one year, giant spiders half a foot wide, etc etc etc - things you wouldn't really think about on a normal day-to-day basis unless you were deliberately looking for them.

Here are some of his videos:


/ Tuesday, May 24, 2011 /
Hey guys,

I recently found out about a 14-year old model named Dabora (D├ębora Silva). This girl is from Brazil, and has become quite famous on the internet and elsewhere. The key thing about her photos, to why she is so popular, in my opinion, is that she is very young and innocent-looking. She has a very emotional face reminiscent of perhaps the Afghan girl, although in a more positive light. Her pictures look as if she is longing for something, yearning for that eager moment in life.

14-year-old Brazilian model Dabora picture (10)

Here is a picture of the Afghan girl for comparison purposes:

And here are pictures of her (all were taken from
14-year-old Brazilian model Dabora picture (2)

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Asian dancers rock!

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Recently there was a video of a 9-year old Chinese girl doing the Melbourne Shuffle in various parts of Beijing posted on Youtube:

I absolutely adore her! She's cute and she's really good at it. I really want to learn from her and also be able to shuffle like that as well someday in the future. I learned some popping this past semester and also worked on hip-hop and Bollywood dance forms. I've improved quite a bit from last year (meaning last year I basically did nothing, knew nothing about dance) but I want to improve more.

This girl is reminiscent of Moon Boy from a few years back (I think it was 2008?):

But yeah, asian dancers rock, including Hojin from Korea:

As well as Jay Bang from Korea/Taiwan/US:

Of course, Shinee:

BoA as well:

But enough with the Youtube videos; you guys get my point. Today I'm celebrating Asian dancers across the world. They're absolutely amazing!

Work husbands/wives

/ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 /
There is a concept of different spouses...

I think that this concept comes from the fact that we all have different roles in life. For example, while I am at the university, I am my friends' friend, my professors' student, my lab professor's undergraduate student and sometimes-lab tech, my TA and grad student's student and friend, my littles' mentor, my students' tutor, my comrades' classmate, etc etc etc. However, when I am at home, I am my sister's sister, my parents' daughter, my community's productive member, and so forth.

However, despite being officially "single" myself, I still have quite a few "husbands" in a sense, if I stretch the analogy from CNN a bit. Keep in mind that ALL of these relationships are STRICTLY platonic.

1) Work husband
This is during the summer, when I have an internship or something; I'll develop a close relationship with a male friend (this works with female friends as well), with whom I'll work with on projects and so forth.

2) Study husband
This will be a male friend who I study with in certain classes. I've actually had several "study husbands" for different classes in different disciplines (especially, of course, with the double major in two totally different fields). Although I usually don't gaze so intensely at my "study husband" unless I'm totally immersed in the topic we are studying...

3) Pre-med husband
Of course, there is the set of classes that is required for entrance into most medical schools. This is a set of classes that we all have to take. Finding a good study buddy for this might require some time, but trust me, if you find a good friend for this, it makes memorizing all of those chemicals, formulas, equations, and facts easier!

4) Friend husband
Of course, this is the guy friend that you can always turn to for advice, who gives you a shoulder to cry on when you need it the most, who understands your feelings, who supports you and understands your needs. I know this sounds like a boyfriend, but there's a fine line: your relationship is platonic. Often times, this guy is someone you've grown up with all of your life and who you have come to love as a brother. I guess sometimes this can develop into a love relationship, but as of right now, my "friend husband" is still my "friend husband", and I hope it will stay that way.

5) Home husband
Of course, there is the concept of the "home husband", the man you are actually married to. I have not found this man (of course!) but I hope to find him within the next 10 years :)

So yeah, that's my take on different "spouse" roles that have taken place. I guess there is a parallel for different platonic "wives" as well for men. What do you think?

Sparkling cider

/ Wednesday, May 11, 2011 /
Lately I have gotten extremely into drinking sparkling juice. I love the texture that it gives - a lot like a soda, but very fruity and juicy and satisfying. Of course, the packaging is very elegant, like a bottle of champagne or something, but at the same time drinking it makes me feel very grown-up like and yet child-like at the same time.
Pretty huh?

Anyways, onto drinks. I AM of age and can legally go into any bar, store, etc. in the US and buy alcoholic drinks. However, I am not a big fan of them. I seldomly drink, and when I do it's only at most a cup or so. At most, perhaps the amount of a can of beer. I DO have asian flush (yeah, I know, despite the fact that it is good in limiting the amount I drink, it shows that body clearly cannot process the stuff efficiently enough and is actually detrimental to me) and cannot tolerate a lot. A shot would probably get me tipsy; two shots would make me kind of messed up. I am clearly one lightweight girl XD
Don't want to look like that now, huh?
I have never gotten drunk before, and never intend to do so. I am definitely very responsible when it comes to drinking; remember, always drink only when you are completely comfortable, and make sure you are not driving afterwards and never do anything stupid. Don't get a DUI - getting something on your record for doing something that was originally meant to be innocent would really be bad.

Stay safe!!!

Gas prices

/ Saturday, May 7, 2011 /
So many people need gas. Geez seriously no duh huh?

Here in the South where I live, you really need a car to get by. There is no subway, buses are slow, cabs are expensive, and it is dangerous to really ride a bike or consistently be a pedestrian. You NEED a car.

Gas prices are definitely normally high, but lately, they've literally skyrocketed. According to the US Energy Information Administration, gas prices have gone from a national average of around $2.70 June 2010 to currently $4. Geez. If one were to fill up a full tank, each time it would be around perhaps $50. Seriously, especially in the current state of this economy, who has this kind of money?

Now, I usually live on campus without a car, so I can't complain too much. But my family and friends have cars, and they are definitely hit hard. Just look at the statistics!
U.S. Regular Gasoline Prices Graph.
There definitely have been alternatives. I've seen (and I'm sure you've seen) E85 gas, gashol, diesel fuel (which 10 years ago used to be cheaper than gasoline, but is now way more expensive), and all of those other things. One of my professors in the chemistry department is conducting research on storing liquid hydrogen efficiently in hopes to use hydrogen fuel (which in reality is REALLY really efficient). Hybrid cars abound the streets, and so do little smartcars. But at the same time the majority of America still relies on normal gasoline to get around. By the time I can actually get a car, I'm kind of afraid to get a small smartcar; even though it saves a ton of gas, I'm afraid of getting hit. Remember Newton's Second and Third Laws of Motion? F = ma, right?

So that means that if I drive a tiny smart car, and get hit by a gigantic SUV, since the force the SUV exerts on me is the same force that I exert on the SUV:

Mass of smart car x Acceleration of smart car = Mass of SUV x Acceleration of SUV

Since the mass of my smart car is so small in comparison to the mass of the gigantic SUV, my acceleration has to compensate for it. Thus, I will crash crazily, my smart car will probably be crushed to pieces, and I might likely sustain terrible bodily damages, including becoming paralyzed, breaking limbs, falling into a coma, death, etc. Nope, too afraid to die.
Sorry, not for me.
Crazy cars that would crush any tiny smart car.

All in all, despite the fact that oil companies are getting incredibly rich and oil stocks are rising through the roof of skyscrapers, I hope that oil prices do come down soon, (of course many Americans would agree with me).  Not many people can afford this much longer. I don't even really know how I'll be able to survive med school sans taking out a ton of loans. Why does gas have to be such a burden? When one invests in a car, the actual price of the car is actually pretty cheap compared to all of the maintenance expenses, gas, insurance, etc etc etc. Why pile on one more extra burden when people need help the most during this state of the economy?

I hope America seriously tunes down gas prices soon.

Frozen desserts!!!!

/ Friday, May 6, 2011 /
All right, now that I've written an entire section of my research paper (rough draft still, of course) I'm gonna take a break and write on this blog =D Trading writing for more writing; wow....

So lately, I've really been in a frozen dessert mode. I really like things such as ice cream, froyo, gelato, italian ices, slushies, smoothies, sherbets, etc etc etc.
So yummy! 

 So I think today I'm gonna purview across all of them and state the pros/cons/ups/downs/etc of each. Keep in mind that I have a relatively light palate when it comes to desserts; I REALLY don't like things that are too sweet; I like things that are fruity, but not too creamy. Also, I'll be doing stuff mostly for all brands, not just any particular brand (since different brands are sold across different parts of the world, and I want this to be as broad as possible). So here we go!

1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream
So awesome!
I can pretty much sincerely say that this is my favorite flavor. It's got this minty freshness that I just can't find anywhere else, and at the same time it's not too sweet since the mintiness balances the sweetness out. The mintiness also masks the creaminess. However, it's DEFINITELY too calorie-dense; although one could hypothetically obtain all of one's daily dairy intake from ice cream, the calorie cost is way too high, unless you were an athlete like Michael Phelps or something I guess. And also, once again, I don't like stuff that's too creamy, and this is definitely pretty creamy...

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
This is my mom's favorite ice cream flavor. I can't say that I really like it; while I do like tasting the strawberry bits inside of it, I dislike the overly-creamy feeling of the cheesecake. Yep, you got me - not too much of an ice cream fan.

3. Popsicles
I've got to say that popsicles can vary in quality. Some of the cheap ones can actually be quite tasty, while some of the more high-end varieties can be kinda funky-tasting. I really like the fact that I can make these with my own ice cube trays and juice and toothpicks. Quite cheap as well, and definitely not creamy but actually quite juicy and fruity =D

4. Chocolate gelato
My sister really wanted to get this the other day when we went to the mall. This really reminded me of ice cream, only it had a lighter taste and was a little more creamy, but creamy in a good sense. I think I kind of like gelato. Keep in mind that was the first time I had it, and it was only one flavor. Good first impression =D

5. Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt
Now we get into some of my favorite frozen desserts: frozen yogurt. I absolutely LOVE pomegranate frozen yogurt. It's slightly slightly creamy, but only in the slightest sense, and at the same time is extremely tangy and fruity and awesome. Oh my goodness what a blast.

6. Superfruit Tart Froyo
Oh my goodness, this was SO FRIGGIN' tart. It literally tasted like I had a full lemon in my mouth, except not as sour but definitely just as tart and tangy. Not creamy really, just slightly, ever so slightly, perfect for the mouth, except not to be taken in large amounts. Trust me - I took a big bite of it and instantly went into a tart brain freeze XD

7. Lychee Frozen Yogurt
Very sweet, but not too sweet, very satisfying, slightly creamy. Very good.

 8. Lemon Italian Ice
Not creamy at all, very very tangy. I first tried this during a football game during my first semester in college. Absolutely perfect, given that we were standing in the stands for 3+ hours clapping our hands and cheering our home team on. The tart, tangy flavor is balanced by the lightness of the formula, and the shaved ice feeling gives me the sensation of being on fluffy snow. Beautiful.

9. Cherry-Blue Raspberry Slushie
I first had one of this during a trip to Disneyland a few years ago. I had a mixed cherry-blue raspberry since I was quite a greedy little girl and wanted to try both without paying double (hey, they were overpriced anyways! XD) I've gotta say this is basically just sugar, water, and food coloring. While it was a good treat since I was dying of thirst at the time, and wanted something besides just water, at the same time looking back I would rather get an italian ice at any time. Whoopie.

10. Raspberry Sherbet

I first had one of these at a college dinner one night a few semesters ago. Oh my goodness - it was like the froyo experience all over again, only this time slightly creamier than froyos, but creamy in a good way, and extremely tart. Such a good sensation. I ate two entire giant bowls of it and actually threw it up afterwards, but it felt so good just to eat it. I was so happy =D Totally worth it ^_^

So now I've reviewed 10 desserts. I've got to say that on the whole I'm pretty satisfied. What delicious treats will you all eat and try this hot summer? Have lots of fun!!!

<3, chynagrl

Boba tea!

/ Tuesday, May 3, 2011 /
If you are a college kid, or have been a college kid within the last 5 years, chances are you will have heard of boba tea, or aka bubble tea.

This tea is absolutely DELICIOUS! For me, it's quite addicting. It basically consists of tapioca inside of milk tea or plain green tea or jasmine tea. Different flavors can be added, including but not limited to: lychee, passion fruit, guava, orange, green apple, grape, strawberry, etc etc etc.

There are the milky kinds:

And then there are the kinds that don't have milk, such as jasmine or green tea:

Of course, you can always get it without boba:

Or you can get it as lattes, smoothies, shaved ice form, whatever. You can even add sinkers such as jelly or almond pudding or something. Whatever your heart desires.

The sad thing is that these are not really cheap for drinks. They come around $4 a pop. But seriously they are a good treat for a random Saturday night, or a cheap date!

My favorite kind? Green tea boba or jasmine tea boba, without milk. I feel that tea should be unadulterated by milk, whereas coffee can be doused by milk and sugar and stuff (after all, at least for me, it tastes horrible!).

Some people might be unnerved by the sight of tapioca; trust me, those chewy balls are kind of intricate. If you really don't like them, you can just get the tea without the boba/tapioca. Kind of looks like caviar, doesn't it? XD

I encourage you all to give it a try!!! ^_^
<3, chynagrl


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Have you guys ever heard of Zumba?

Well, according to Wikipedia, it is a "dance fitness program" that was started by Beto Perez in the 1990s. It combines different forms of dance, including reggaeton, salsa, mambo, cha-cha, etc into a fitness program with some basic steps and moves. Zumba classes are offered in gyms across the United States (and perhaps even the world!). They include dancing to super energizing music and provide lots of fun and exercise, including toning, resistance, cardio, endurance, etc.

Enough with the history. I've been taking Zumba classes at the local gym for the past two semesters. Let me tell you, they are AWESOME! In my opinion, it's more fun than spinning, cardio kickboxing, cardio dance, running on a treadmill, lifting weights, and lots of other stuff. And it totally works - according to an article on CNN, it burns up to 700 calories per hour. Now, that's definitely a lot of calories.

If you guys and gals get a chance, I would definitely go check out a Zumba class. Trust me, you'll love it =D

<3, chynagrl

Hey guys!

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Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a long time since my last post. I've had a ton of exams, projects, papers, etc get in the way. I still have one more paper left, but I'm gonna take a break and work on this for now.


Anyways, I just wanted to share with you guys some stuff for the summer. I have an internship lined up and have to wake up around 6 AM everyday. Yeah I know for a college student that's absolutely horrific :( But still I really need the money for med school as well as my personal expenses, fees, books, etc for the school year. So broke right now :(

Does this describe your situation this Christmas? Don't despair! Better days lie ahead.

Onto beauty-related stuff, I just bought another ELF brush today, this time from Target. I got a studio kind just for kicks (since I usually use the Mineral line kind and they were out of the Professional line):

I was actually slightly disappointed. While it was nice that it would get dirty less easily, since it is black, at the same time the actual brush's bristles were shorter than those of the Mineral line's. It is a longer, heavier brush than the Mineral Brush, and I like the length, and can get used to the weight, but perhaps I'm just complaining because I've used the Mineral line brushes so much...

Here is a video from DaisyCheekz on the Day-to-Night quad from ELF, as well as the Eyelid Primer and lipstick (eacy only $1!):

Some people might say I'm cheap because I use ELF products all the time. Perhaps I go for quantity rather than quantity or something. Well the thing is that I really can't afford much right now... I'm already heavy into college debt, and I have to pay for med school still, so that doesn't leave me much room now does it? I constantly have jobs to pay for stuff but even still it's not enough. So please don't judge me; I'm only trying to do my best with what limited means I have, okay? Someday, when I do become a doctor, I'll do a haul with higher-quality, more expensive makeup, but for now, I'll settle for this.
All right anyways enough with this negativity. I hope you guys have a great day with lots of happiness and sunshine!

<3, chynagrl


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