Asian dancers rock!

/ Tuesday, May 24, 2011 /
Recently there was a video of a 9-year old Chinese girl doing the Melbourne Shuffle in various parts of Beijing posted on Youtube:

I absolutely adore her! She's cute and she's really good at it. I really want to learn from her and also be able to shuffle like that as well someday in the future. I learned some popping this past semester and also worked on hip-hop and Bollywood dance forms. I've improved quite a bit from last year (meaning last year I basically did nothing, knew nothing about dance) but I want to improve more.

This girl is reminiscent of Moon Boy from a few years back (I think it was 2008?):

But yeah, asian dancers rock, including Hojin from Korea:

As well as Jay Bang from Korea/Taiwan/US:

Of course, Shinee:

BoA as well:

But enough with the Youtube videos; you guys get my point. Today I'm celebrating Asian dancers across the world. They're absolutely amazing!


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