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/ Wednesday, May 25, 2011 /
So I was searching on Youtube the other day. There's this cool guy from the University of Houston named Alan Rask, a.k.a. Oblivious Alsk, or Alsk - a syncretic blend of "Alan" and "Rask." He aspires to become a science teacher someday and started a youtube channel series to help himself prepare. On his channel, he hosts a show called "Science or Not", where he features cool scientific and historical topics, while also bringing in non-scientific facts that he considers to be interesting.

So why do I think this guy is cool?

Well, first off, there's the whole cool ponytail thing. Sure, non-conventional. But at the same time, the news he talks about (the science or not part) is really really interesting. Exploding watermelons, 657 islands being discovered in one year, giant spiders half a foot wide, etc etc etc - things you wouldn't really think about on a normal day-to-day basis unless you were deliberately looking for them.

Here are some of his videos:


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