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/ Friday, May 6, 2011 /
All right, now that I've written an entire section of my research paper (rough draft still, of course) I'm gonna take a break and write on this blog =D Trading writing for more writing; wow....

So lately, I've really been in a frozen dessert mode. I really like things such as ice cream, froyo, gelato, italian ices, slushies, smoothies, sherbets, etc etc etc.
So yummy! 

 So I think today I'm gonna purview across all of them and state the pros/cons/ups/downs/etc of each. Keep in mind that I have a relatively light palate when it comes to desserts; I REALLY don't like things that are too sweet; I like things that are fruity, but not too creamy. Also, I'll be doing stuff mostly for all brands, not just any particular brand (since different brands are sold across different parts of the world, and I want this to be as broad as possible). So here we go!

1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream
So awesome!
I can pretty much sincerely say that this is my favorite flavor. It's got this minty freshness that I just can't find anywhere else, and at the same time it's not too sweet since the mintiness balances the sweetness out. The mintiness also masks the creaminess. However, it's DEFINITELY too calorie-dense; although one could hypothetically obtain all of one's daily dairy intake from ice cream, the calorie cost is way too high, unless you were an athlete like Michael Phelps or something I guess. And also, once again, I don't like stuff that's too creamy, and this is definitely pretty creamy...

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
This is my mom's favorite ice cream flavor. I can't say that I really like it; while I do like tasting the strawberry bits inside of it, I dislike the overly-creamy feeling of the cheesecake. Yep, you got me - not too much of an ice cream fan.

3. Popsicles
I've got to say that popsicles can vary in quality. Some of the cheap ones can actually be quite tasty, while some of the more high-end varieties can be kinda funky-tasting. I really like the fact that I can make these with my own ice cube trays and juice and toothpicks. Quite cheap as well, and definitely not creamy but actually quite juicy and fruity =D

4. Chocolate gelato
My sister really wanted to get this the other day when we went to the mall. This really reminded me of ice cream, only it had a lighter taste and was a little more creamy, but creamy in a good sense. I think I kind of like gelato. Keep in mind that was the first time I had it, and it was only one flavor. Good first impression =D

5. Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt
Now we get into some of my favorite frozen desserts: frozen yogurt. I absolutely LOVE pomegranate frozen yogurt. It's slightly slightly creamy, but only in the slightest sense, and at the same time is extremely tangy and fruity and awesome. Oh my goodness what a blast.

6. Superfruit Tart Froyo
Oh my goodness, this was SO FRIGGIN' tart. It literally tasted like I had a full lemon in my mouth, except not as sour but definitely just as tart and tangy. Not creamy really, just slightly, ever so slightly, perfect for the mouth, except not to be taken in large amounts. Trust me - I took a big bite of it and instantly went into a tart brain freeze XD

7. Lychee Frozen Yogurt
Very sweet, but not too sweet, very satisfying, slightly creamy. Very good.

 8. Lemon Italian Ice
Not creamy at all, very very tangy. I first tried this during a football game during my first semester in college. Absolutely perfect, given that we were standing in the stands for 3+ hours clapping our hands and cheering our home team on. The tart, tangy flavor is balanced by the lightness of the formula, and the shaved ice feeling gives me the sensation of being on fluffy snow. Beautiful.

9. Cherry-Blue Raspberry Slushie
I first had one of this during a trip to Disneyland a few years ago. I had a mixed cherry-blue raspberry since I was quite a greedy little girl and wanted to try both without paying double (hey, they were overpriced anyways! XD) I've gotta say this is basically just sugar, water, and food coloring. While it was a good treat since I was dying of thirst at the time, and wanted something besides just water, at the same time looking back I would rather get an italian ice at any time. Whoopie.

10. Raspberry Sherbet

I first had one of these at a college dinner one night a few semesters ago. Oh my goodness - it was like the froyo experience all over again, only this time slightly creamier than froyos, but creamy in a good way, and extremely tart. Such a good sensation. I ate two entire giant bowls of it and actually threw it up afterwards, but it felt so good just to eat it. I was so happy =D Totally worth it ^_^

So now I've reviewed 10 desserts. I've got to say that on the whole I'm pretty satisfied. What delicious treats will you all eat and try this hot summer? Have lots of fun!!!

<3, chynagrl


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