Victoria's Secret Sports VoxBox + Victoria's Secret In-Store Experience

/ Wednesday, September 10, 2014 /
FTC: I received these products as a part of the Influenster VS Sport VoxBox. All opinions are my own truthful thoughts.

The other day, I received a very pleasant surprise in the mail: The VS Sport VoxBox from Influenster!

Fresh out of box!
I'm super grateful for this opportunity to get to try this new product that Victoria's Secret launched.
Here's what it looks like!
Nice packaging


Individual parts

Sports bra + pants

Awesome coupons to be shared with friends + fam

What did I think of the products?
Sports bra:
  • Super comfortable
  • Provides good support during exercise
  • Like the racerback style on the back
  • Material wicks away moisture (sweat) from the body, keeping the wearer cool
  • A bit itchy!
  • Too long for my petite figure :(
  • Very good material for wicking away moisture from the body, keeping the wearer cool 
I also went to the Victoria's Secret store in an effort to try to exchange the pants for a pair that was shorter. The staff was very nice, but unfortunately they said that they could not exchange it because it was "purchased online" and thus could not be exchanged lest it came with a receipt (which it did not, since it came from Influenster). Oh well...

Bottom line:  I really like the sports bra, but the pants? Not so much - not necessarily because of the inherent design of the pants, but because I am just too short. They were not designed for a 5' 2'' person. Oh well...

Bottom line - I would definitely recommend the sports bra for anyone looking for a comfortable sports bra to work out in, and the pants for people 5' 6'' and taller!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

Review: Beauty Blender

/ Tuesday, September 9, 2014 /
Yes, I gave into the hype. The Beauty Blender is known for being an awesome, fancy-schmancy sponge for applying foundation, BB cream, etc.

I don't use foundation. However, I had been going through a period of time where I was using BB cream, and I wanted to try something that would help apply the product more smoothly. I definitely understand that there are lots of Beauty Blender dupes, but from the reviews I had seen, the dupes did not seem to absorb as much water or other blend as well that the original did.

Thus, I decided to get it. Yes, the original price is $20 for a single sponge at Sephora (super expensive). However, on Amazon, I found the product as $23 for two. Not too bad of a deal! I decided to try it out, given the nearly 50% discount.

Upon soaking one of the beauty blenders in water, the sponge swelled up to twice its size. Wow. It was quite crazy.

Application was quite easy - I simply stippled a bit of bb cream onto my face, bouncing the sponge and easily blending it into the skin. It actually felt kind of fun working with the product.

Finished look
  • Smooth application of makeup
  • Water-absorbing, so not wasting as much makeup as other sponges
  • Pretty pink color
  • Must wash out after every use in order to prevent gross gunk from building up
  • Must be careful with nails, else will rip the sponge
  • Pricey
Bottom line - if you have some dough to spend and don't like using a foundation or stippling brush to apply makeup, I'd suggest this product to you (regardless of skin type). Yay!


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