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/ Tuesday, September 9, 2014 /
Yes, I gave into the hype. The Beauty Blender is known for being an awesome, fancy-schmancy sponge for applying foundation, BB cream, etc.

I don't use foundation. However, I had been going through a period of time where I was using BB cream, and I wanted to try something that would help apply the product more smoothly. I definitely understand that there are lots of Beauty Blender dupes, but from the reviews I had seen, the dupes did not seem to absorb as much water or other blend as well that the original did.

Thus, I decided to get it. Yes, the original price is $20 for a single sponge at Sephora (super expensive). However, on Amazon, I found the product as $23 for two. Not too bad of a deal! I decided to try it out, given the nearly 50% discount.

Upon soaking one of the beauty blenders in water, the sponge swelled up to twice its size. Wow. It was quite crazy.

Application was quite easy - I simply stippled a bit of bb cream onto my face, bouncing the sponge and easily blending it into the skin. It actually felt kind of fun working with the product.

Finished look
  • Smooth application of makeup
  • Water-absorbing, so not wasting as much makeup as other sponges
  • Pretty pink color
  • Must wash out after every use in order to prevent gross gunk from building up
  • Must be careful with nails, else will rip the sponge
  • Pricey
Bottom line - if you have some dough to spend and don't like using a foundation or stippling brush to apply makeup, I'd suggest this product to you (regardless of skin type). Yay!


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