Emma Watson - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

/ Friday, July 8, 2011 /
Obviously, HP7 part 2 is coming out soon (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2). The movie, that is.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

One of my favorite actresses is definitely Emma Watson. She is extremely pretty and smart and talented. She is a very intelligent, worldly young woman who definitely has a lot going on for her.

So therefore, this is going to be a photo album, of sorts, of her. All images will be credited.

Here we go....

These are taken from http://clarissavengeance-favoriteemmawatsonphotos.buzznet.com/user/photos/:

Favorite Emma Watson photos

Favorite Emma Watson photos

Favorite Emma Watson photos

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July 4th: Forever 21 Haul!

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Hi guys,

I know today is not July 4th, but I'd just like to say Happy Independence Day, belated XD




All righty, enough with the patriotism =D

I went shopping on July 4th to escape the heat (air conditioner was broken, and, in the southern US, that equals terrible T_T).

Forever 21 Haul! Found some fabulous deals....

1. Awesome little black dress: I got this for only $6! Awesome deal in the clearance section.

I had to get a large size (boobs too big, sorry).

2. Earrings (several pairs):
These were $3.80:


Allrighty, these next few pairs were from Claire's ($1 each, 75% off)


These nail polishes ($1 each, also on sale):


More stuff will be up later, but until then, tata for now! <3

Stuff Asian People Like?

/ Friday, July 1, 2011 /
Today, I came across a website called "Stuff Asian People Like". It's a very stereotypical site that lists what supposedly are the things that Asians typically like. Lolz for stereotypical things. Of course, stereotyping is bad. Of course, putting people into schemas based on these mere categories is bad. However, stereotypes were made based on generalizations about groups; if they are deemed so important as to be generalized to such a broad group, shouldn't they have at least some basis in truth in terms of pertaining to people in that group?

Stuff Asian People like is the site. I got all of these links from them. I am going to put yes/no/comments/etc next to the ones I like/dislike/are apathetic about.

Conclusion? Perhaps, according to this list, I am a bit white-washed. Others might conclude that I am totally "Asian". Whatever, I dunno. Whatever the case, it's just a silly list for lolz sake. Are you guys quite "Asian"? Or have you met anyone who has ever met these characteristics (or a great deal of them)? Comment below!


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