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/ Monday, November 2, 2015 /
I bought a Sunscreen Memebox in June of this year... and here are the products...

This is just for those who are interested and want to learn more about Memebox!

Basically, Memebox are boxes of curated products that are from Asia. They ship promarily the US and shipping is FAST.

They offer pretty good deals. Memebox sells boxes as well as individual products.

Here's what I got from them before...

Highly suggested! I got all of this for $45 - when the ampoule itself retails for $25. and other products for at least $10 each. w00t!

Review: Secret Key Multiple Cell Night Repair Ampoule

/ /
 I know guys, I haven't posted a review in a long, long time.
(whoops I know, sideways)

 What have I been doing? I've been on rotations, trying to get through high-stakes exams (both written and practical), learning medicine (in general), taking care of my family, wedding planning, etc. Lots and lots of stuffs.

Also, on a side note - I feel like I need more and more sleep all the time. When I was in HS, I could stay up a lot and be fine the next day. Same thing in college. Now? I can barely function properly. I need a lot more sleep. Sound like aging? Yup.

Anyway, I want to review a product I got from Memebox. This is a product that is called an ampoule - similar to a serum, that is meant to be put on after essence. This Asian product is a dupe of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. I had previously tried Estee Lauder's serum, but unfortunately it is super super expensive ($92 for 1.7 fl oz on Sephora). So therefore, I decided to go with something that also seemed good.

- Price ($25 for a bottle, 1.7 fl oz)
- Packaging - similar to Estee Lauder, although there is no pump, at least if you don't touch the tip, it can suction out product pretty cleanly
- Longevity - I've been using this product for several weeks and have barely made a dent in it!
- Makes my skin feel soft, supple and smooth
- Can be used in daytime and nighttime

- Hard to find in US - find on Amazon and other 3rd party websites
- Difficult to recycle packaging - glass packaging (for eco-friendly consumers)

Bottom line - I think I'd like to buy this product again. This is a very nice product for a good price, a good size for a serum that seems to work super well. Yay!

 Here's how my skin looks after application. What do you think? Pretty clear? (no makeup on whatsoever)


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