Review: Secret Key Multiple Cell Night Repair Ampoule

/ Monday, November 2, 2015 /
 I know guys, I haven't posted a review in a long, long time.
(whoops I know, sideways)

 What have I been doing? I've been on rotations, trying to get through high-stakes exams (both written and practical), learning medicine (in general), taking care of my family, wedding planning, etc. Lots and lots of stuffs.

Also, on a side note - I feel like I need more and more sleep all the time. When I was in HS, I could stay up a lot and be fine the next day. Same thing in college. Now? I can barely function properly. I need a lot more sleep. Sound like aging? Yup.

Anyway, I want to review a product I got from Memebox. This is a product that is called an ampoule - similar to a serum, that is meant to be put on after essence. This Asian product is a dupe of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. I had previously tried Estee Lauder's serum, but unfortunately it is super super expensive ($92 for 1.7 fl oz on Sephora). So therefore, I decided to go with something that also seemed good.

- Price ($25 for a bottle, 1.7 fl oz)
- Packaging - similar to Estee Lauder, although there is no pump, at least if you don't touch the tip, it can suction out product pretty cleanly
- Longevity - I've been using this product for several weeks and have barely made a dent in it!
- Makes my skin feel soft, supple and smooth
- Can be used in daytime and nighttime

- Hard to find in US - find on Amazon and other 3rd party websites
- Difficult to recycle packaging - glass packaging (for eco-friendly consumers)

Bottom line - I think I'd like to buy this product again. This is a very nice product for a good price, a good size for a serum that seems to work super well. Yay!

 Here's how my skin looks after application. What do you think? Pretty clear? (no makeup on whatsoever)


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