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During these past few days, we've been inundated again and again by the calamity known as Harvey. As many might know, this is a hurricane that originally hit the Yucatan Peninsula, regained strength, hit Corpus Christi, went back into the Gulf, and then hit north of Galveston area.

We currently live in Houston right next to a body of water. This is a bayou that is notorious for flooding during past hurricanes and tropical storms. (yes, I know, some might ask why on earth would you live there? I have to. It's close to work, and if I had to drive 30+ min after a 12-hour shift at work, I wouldn't be sane.)

Thus, these are things to be aware of.

For the past few days, the husband and I have been hunkered down at home, with water, frozen food, and charged batteries. We've thankfully not had any major issues. Our entire apartment complex has become an island.

Outside the complex:

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Inside the gate:
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Harvey's hit us pretty hard. Airplanes have had to airlift people /out/ of airports due to flooding. Roofs have torn off due to ensuing tornadoes. We've had friends who had to be airlifted out of their houses. My father-in-law wanted to get us a boat to rescue us. My dad is worried sick about his car. Husband's flight has been cancelled till at least next week. Highways are closed, so nobody can really get anywhere. At least 16 people have been confirmed dead.

Who knows what is going on?

Lots say that climate change is making hurricanes worse:

That might be a legit reason. Nonetheless, right now, we are all focusing on getting through this catastrophe and recovering. Lots of my friends are going to volunteer at shelters. People lined up in droves to donate blood at our local blood bank (myself included). The ride-out teams at our hospitals have worked with limitless stamina, motivation, and care to make sure that patients are getting the care that they need. Friends on FB are marking themselves as safe. Many online donation sites and Red Cross sites are getting filled with blessings. Friends have reached out to neighbors, giving out water and food supplies.

As of right now, we are safe. We can't guarantee what's going to happen, seeing that the storm seems to be what the husband calls a "zombie storm" that keeps up popping alive, again and again...


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