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/ Wednesday, May 11, 2011 /
Lately I have gotten extremely into drinking sparkling juice. I love the texture that it gives - a lot like a soda, but very fruity and juicy and satisfying. Of course, the packaging is very elegant, like a bottle of champagne or something, but at the same time drinking it makes me feel very grown-up like and yet child-like at the same time.
Pretty huh?

Anyways, onto drinks. I AM of age and can legally go into any bar, store, etc. in the US and buy alcoholic drinks. However, I am not a big fan of them. I seldomly drink, and when I do it's only at most a cup or so. At most, perhaps the amount of a can of beer. I DO have asian flush (yeah, I know, despite the fact that it is good in limiting the amount I drink, it shows that body clearly cannot process the stuff efficiently enough and is actually detrimental to me) and cannot tolerate a lot. A shot would probably get me tipsy; two shots would make me kind of messed up. I am clearly one lightweight girl XD
Don't want to look like that now, huh?
I have never gotten drunk before, and never intend to do so. I am definitely very responsible when it comes to drinking; remember, always drink only when you are completely comfortable, and make sure you are not driving afterwards and never do anything stupid. Don't get a DUI - getting something on your record for doing something that was originally meant to be innocent would really be bad.

Stay safe!!!


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