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/ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 /
There is a concept of different spouses...

I think that this concept comes from the fact that we all have different roles in life. For example, while I am at the university, I am my friends' friend, my professors' student, my lab professor's undergraduate student and sometimes-lab tech, my TA and grad student's student and friend, my littles' mentor, my students' tutor, my comrades' classmate, etc etc etc. However, when I am at home, I am my sister's sister, my parents' daughter, my community's productive member, and so forth.

However, despite being officially "single" myself, I still have quite a few "husbands" in a sense, if I stretch the analogy from CNN a bit. Keep in mind that ALL of these relationships are STRICTLY platonic.

1) Work husband
This is during the summer, when I have an internship or something; I'll develop a close relationship with a male friend (this works with female friends as well), with whom I'll work with on projects and so forth.

2) Study husband
This will be a male friend who I study with in certain classes. I've actually had several "study husbands" for different classes in different disciplines (especially, of course, with the double major in two totally different fields). Although I usually don't gaze so intensely at my "study husband" unless I'm totally immersed in the topic we are studying...

3) Pre-med husband
Of course, there is the set of classes that is required for entrance into most medical schools. This is a set of classes that we all have to take. Finding a good study buddy for this might require some time, but trust me, if you find a good friend for this, it makes memorizing all of those chemicals, formulas, equations, and facts easier!

4) Friend husband
Of course, this is the guy friend that you can always turn to for advice, who gives you a shoulder to cry on when you need it the most, who understands your feelings, who supports you and understands your needs. I know this sounds like a boyfriend, but there's a fine line: your relationship is platonic. Often times, this guy is someone you've grown up with all of your life and who you have come to love as a brother. I guess sometimes this can develop into a love relationship, but as of right now, my "friend husband" is still my "friend husband", and I hope it will stay that way.

5) Home husband
Of course, there is the concept of the "home husband", the man you are actually married to. I have not found this man (of course!) but I hope to find him within the next 10 years :)

So yeah, that's my take on different "spouse" roles that have taken place. I guess there is a parallel for different platonic "wives" as well for men. What do you think?


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