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/ Monday, January 16, 2012 /
Ok, so here is a totally non-beauty related review, but I'm gonna do it anyways because my blog is not just about beauty products, but about other things as well.

I bought this laptop cooler for around $5 on It is made of very light weight acrylic and is USB-run.

This machine has 3 little fans:

Based on the design and text, I have strong reason to believe it was manufactured in China, but then again that's just a guess.

Back side:

This machine definitely isn't strong enough to sit by itself on a bed, but it definitely does do its job as a basic laptop cooler. Is this a heavy-duty item? Probably not. However, it's lasted me for at least 4 months, and I'm glad I'm using it right now.

Do you guys and gals use laptop coolers? Any brands that you would suggest? Anything else you guys use to protect your laptops/desktops? Leave a comment!



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