Why I haven't been doing NOTD in awhile

/ Saturday, January 21, 2012 /
Okay guys,

I'm here to fess up. I haven't been doing NOTD entries for awhile. In fact, not for a few months, perhaps. As my friends on this blog, one must know that I absolutely ADORE nail polish. Sure, it smells really bad during application, but afterwards, it looks so pretty. It also feels kinda cool, especially on my toes.

The reason why I haven't been doing them is because of my lab work.

As you guys might know (perhaps or perhaps not), I am a biology major in university right now. As part of my requirements for graduating with a B.S. (Bachelor of Science), I must produce a thesis on my research at the end of this semester. Thus, this means that I have to do a lot of lab work in the field. And this means, of course, that I CANNOT wear nail polish. Or rather, I could, but it would just end up getting chipped the next day in lab. During this past semester (August - December 2011) I have gotten a total of 13 split nails. And they were painful. This doesn't count chipped nails. There are wayyy too many of those to count. And what's worse is that sometimes, my split nails themselves have gotten split. This is where it really sucks.

Thus, guys, Even though you might see in some of my photos that I have taken that I have painted nails, that is because I took the pictures earlier on, and that I reviewed the products later or something. I just took the pictures earlier. I feel that after this semester is over, my nails will need A LOT of TLC, because they have definitely taken a giant beating.

During my Thanksgiving weekend, the bf (more about him later) and I went to the local mall. You know you see those nail shops along the aisles where people walk and stuff between stores? Well, the guys manning the shops came up to me and kept on showing me how crappy my nails were, and how they buffed them and made them all pretty and shiny and everything. Well, not surprisingly, due to lab work, two weeks later, they turned to crap again. Oh well.

So, therefore, it might be awhile until I do my next NOTD, because of the fact that my work simply does not allow me to do so. I guess those are the pains of trying to make a beauty blog and trying to lead a life as a bio student as well.

Anyways, this was just a truthful moment speaking. Let me know if you would like more of these truthful conversations. I feel that I revealed a bit more about myself today in this post than in previous ones where I post reviews and hauls and stuff like that. What do you guys think?



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