The scariest face mask monster in the world!

/ Thursday, January 19, 2012 /
Hey guys,

Today I'm gonna share with you all one of my skincare regiment secrets.

It's these:

What are these? These are called compressed face masks. They're a huge beauty skincare fad in East Asia. What they can do is, if you make your own concoction of liquid stuff, and put these in, they literally expand out and become a face mask.

Presently, there is a line of face masks that are pretty awesome, sold in East Asia, by My Beauty Diary:

My Beauty Diary Facial Mask - Natto (10 pcs)

These can be found at,, eBay, etc.
However, the thing is that these things run at about $14-$15/box of 10 masks, which is pretty pricey, if you think about it in the long run.

Thus, hence comes out with the compressed face mask!

Here's a tutorial made by secretlifeofabionerd on it, which I featured on a blog post way way early on:

My version is very similar to her's. I use a 1:1 ratio of cucumber juice and lemon.

What I do is I:
-Slice up a cucumber into thin slices
-Cut a lemon into wedges
-Throw the slices of cucumber into a blender
-Squeeze the lemon juice on top of the slices of cucumber (don't worry if seeds get in)
-Put the blender on high-speed until everything is pureed
-Take a CLEAN cheesecloth, or a CLEAN face cloth you don't mind getting dirty, and dump the pureed mixture into it, and squeeze that juice into a cup. (Note: this step can be very messy!)

Then, when I need the mask, I:
-Put the mask into a dry cup
-Mix up the concoction, and spoon it onto the mask
-If it is very cold outside, then I heat up the mask + concoction for about 10 seconds in the microwave.
-Open up the mask, and put it on my face
-Leave on for 30-40 min

After I feel that all of the goodies from the cucumber and lemon have gotten onto my face, I take off the mask, and rub my face with the cloth. Then I dump it.

This stuff is sooo good, guys and gals. It helps a lot out with oil control, helps prevent me from getting zits, but most of all, it is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY fresh.

Look at it! It's so green and fresh!

Wanna see a scary face monster?


Yup. That's what it looks like. A unibrow, war-torn face monster. (jk I actually don't have a unibrow. Although this picture might suggest otherwise)

I gave a bunch of these face masks to one of my friends during a Secret Santa Exchange/Potluck party we recently had at university. If she ever gets a chance to look for how to use them, here's the place!

Anyways, hope this is helpful!



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