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/ Tuesday, September 27, 2011 /
Hi guys! Today I'm going to be starting a new series where I talk about a Youtube MUA that I really admire, enjoy his/her videos, etc. I will like several of my fave vids on the post as well as comment on his/her style of explaining things. For the month of September, the artist is Wayne Goss from the UK. Click here to go to his channel. He is known as "gossmakeupartist".

He is very well known for his very useful tips and for giving actual, real facts about products rather than just saying "cover" things about them. For example, in one video he talks about the "Beauty Blender" and a dupe for it, and also talks about how he "has a problem" with people hiking up private labeled items and such..

Another cool thing is that his videos are FAST. He gets to the point really fast, and his longest videos are at most 6 minutes. At MOST. For many other gurus, such as meganheartsmakeup and frmheadtotoe and hollyannaeree, this might be a short video. His videos are fast and awesome. Epic.

Although he does generally prefer high-end makeup, there are some videos where he does drugstore makeup:

Fake NARS orgasm:

He's really good about also explaining and getting down to the gist of exactly what some people at department store counters want to not talk about, and exactly what is going on there. For example, here, he talks about exactly what causes people to break out with their makeup and stuff, no frills and no extras, just the blunt facts:

He also gives really good tutorials, such as how to get good eyebrows:

And also of course, the real deets on what mascara is:

So thus, for all of his honesty, bluntness, succinctness, etc, I proclaim him YT MUA of the month of September. Yay! Or rather, just my fave YT MUA of the month. Lolz.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great day! Check out his channel if you get a chance =D



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