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/ Thursday, September 29, 2011 /
Hey guys,

So a few days ago I went to Target. I love getting vitamins for some reason; I've always felt that they were just useful for getting and taking in order to supplement the diet.

Here are the vitamins I had beforehand:
1. NatureMade Multi Complete, $10 (CVS)
Pretty good value, just your average multivitamin.

2. Origin Chewable Vitamin C, 500 mg, 60 Count, $2 (Target)
These were just $2!!! That's really cheap. I actually bought 4 bottles of these at the time; I believe now they are discontinued, or if they are not, I just can't find them at my Target anymore. Really tasty.

3. NatureMade Calcium, 500mg, $10

Really useful!

Here's what I actually got:
4. Vitamin C, 500 mg, Origin, 500 tablets, $8.24
I got this on sale for 50% off! Such a good deal. This is going to last me for more than a year.

5. NatureMade Chewable D3, 400 IU, 360 ct, $6.48
This will last me almost a year (1 year = 365 days, and there are 360 tablets, so if I take 1/day, yeah). Great value as well - 50% off!

6. Calcium+D dietary supplement, 120 tablets, ~$6
I don't remember the exact price of this, but I think I would need it soon since I'm running low on the calcium supplements. But I'll definitely try this Up & Up version =D

That's all for now!



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