Dark chocolate is good... but too dark of chocolate = BAD!

/ Saturday, September 24, 2011 /
Hey guys,

I LOVE dark chocolate. I like it a lot more than milk chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate, whatever. I think it deserves award after award.

Hence today when I went to the store, I bought a chocolate bar that was 85% cocoa. Whoa - that's a lotta caffeine there!


Previously, I hadn't eaten any chocolate that was more than 70% cocoa, and I thought this would be excellent.

It was extremely bitter tasting. Dark chocolate usually has that really rich taste that milk chocolate and white chocolate don't have. However, this taste was terrible. Absolutely terrible. So much that I had to drink water and eat an orange with it to bring it down. And both the orange and the water were sweeter than it. The orange, i can understand, but the WATER????

How can this be sweet????

Anyways, my lesson is learned: You like dark chocolate, but too much is too much. Don't go overboard.


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