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Hey guys,

I want to apologize for not updating in a LONG LONG LONG time. I've been extremely, extremely busy with school. The semester just started up again and as a senior I have a honors senior thesis to write and publish by the end of the year. Along with a lot of other capstone courses and my extracurrics and everything, this is has just been CRAZY.

So to make up, I'll (try my best to) post lots of posts with lots of density for these next few weeks. whoo!!!

First updates first. I broke up with my boyfriend ~3 weeks ago. There were a lot of reasons. He was wanting too much from me.... wanted stuff from me that I couldn't give to him. It was a difference in beliefs and values. He wanted things that I couldn't provide, and I wanted things that he wasn't willing to give. So we parted ways. Or rather, I said goodbye to him.

And now I am very very very glad that episode of my life is over. VERY GLAD.
Next. I moved back onto campus and this time have a new room setup. I bought some new furniture (new mirror, bookstand, suitcases, boxes, etc). Enough with the boring stuff. I also got a new laptop cooler. I tried making some videos using my webcam on my computer but basically the entire time my voice was cut off by the laptop's fan RUNNING AND RUNNING AND RUNNING. Seriously it sounded like I was on an airplane flight or something with the airplane's turbines right next to me. Seriously. Terrible.

Laptop Notebook Cool Pad w/ 3 Fans

This was the laptop cooler I got. Isn't it cool??? It's got LED lights and everything. And with Amazon Prime (Amazon student prime) it cost only $4.89. Great deal for a pretty thing that helps so much.

Next. I ordered a Harry Potter scarf and beanie for the winter. Now, down in this part of the south you usually don't wear these things unless if it's the dead middle of winter. Which is for about 2-3 months at most each year. Which thus means that these aren't very efficient. But I AM A DIE-HARD HARRY POTTER FAN. Seriously. I wasn't able to sign up for Pottermore (I didn't want to wake up at 6 or 7 AM everyday to do it) but I basically know all of the trivia facts, own all of the books, both hardcover and ebook and softcover, have the posters, everything. About time I got some more memorabilia.

Aren't they lovely?

Anyways, that's all for this post. Just some miscellaneous updates on my crazy college life. Toodles!!!


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