March YT MUA of the Month!

/ Saturday, March 31, 2012 /
Here we go again!

FYI: YT MUA = Youtube Make-up artist

This month, it is.... emilynoel83!

emilynoel83 is the screen name of Emily Eddington, a YT makeup guru from the St. Louis, Missouri area. In real life (outside of YT) she is a morning news anchor. She actually has to wake up at about 12 AM to get up for work every day!!!

Emily does a lot of videos on makeup in all sorts. This ranges from makeup tutorials:

She also does reviews on products, as well as ranks products based on how well they do for her:

She also does various tags:
Makeup by hubby/boyfriend tag:

And also does outings for getting beauty supplies:
Dollar supply adventure:

Shopping ideas:

She also has a beauty blog,, in which she posts things about makeup as well as about her personal life. She also has a cat named Cupcake, and is married to her husband, Tyler!

One of the cool things I like about her is that she uses both drugstore and high-end products, so that means that you get the whole range of products. She is very down-to-earth, seems like a very nice person, and is very kind and sweet =D

Past YT MUAs:

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