AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion Review

/ Thursday, March 1, 2012 /

I recently got a few samples of this from the mail. I had never heard of this company until I got it delivered straight to me. So hey, why not? Give it a try!

This lotion is made up, by weight, 12% lactic acid. Lactic acid is actually a byproduct that our bodies produce when we burn sugars in our bodies to create molecules for energy. Often times, you will notice it as a burning or painful sensation when you first start running or exercising heavily (around the first 90 seconds after beginning the workout) - it is caused by the build-up of this chemical. However, in a topical formula, lactic acid is good for smoothing and exfoliating. It helps lower the pH of the skin, making these areas of the skin more hostile to bacteria, and perhaps other things. It also has AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) properties which also helps with the smothing and exfoliating.

I read the ingredients list, and I do not like some of the things that are in there. It says it has "light mineral oil", which is a comedogenic substance - meaning it causes blockage of the pores, which can lead to bacterial buildup and acne.

It also has lots of parabens, used for preservation purposes. The good/bad effects of such parabens are actually still up in the air for debate.

Because this lotion has AHA properties, it may cause a rash or irritation for sensitive skin [which didn't happen for me]. Also, because of the AHA properties, it exposes the skin more to the sun's UV rays, so if one were to apply this in the morning and then subsequently go outside, one would need to apply SPF sunscreen or moisturizer to protect one's skin.

The lotion also has glycerin, which serves as a humectant, and helps retain water in the skin. Definitely a plus for hydration!

The lotion retails at $12 for 8 oz on Amazon.

Would I purchase the full-sized version of this product? Probably not. I do not like the fact that it has comedogenic ingredients, especially since I have extremely acne-prone skin.

Would you guys and gals be willing to try products with comedogenic ingredients even if you have acne-prone skin? Have you tried this product before? What are some body lotions that you all would recommend? Leave a comment!


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