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/ Wednesday, February 29, 2012 /
Lately, I've really been liking the "Above All That Is Random" series by YT music artist, Christina Grimmie, and her friend Sarah (I don't know her last name). Basically, this series is making use of Autotune with lyrics from random songs to create awesome new songs.

Here is the latest one, #5:





Kevjumba's "My Dad Taught Me" video, poking fun at stereotypical Asian dads (lolz!):

A very inspirational video from Bubzbeauty on the importance of being yourself, embracing your inner beauty, accepting and loving yourself for the way you are:

Sam Tsui's cover of "Domino" by Jessie J:

Bubzbeauty's advice on how to deal with negative people:

And now for the nerdy side of me...
And a relatively old vid made by a long-time friend of mine, Oblivious Alsk, about gamers using a program called "Fold-It" to discover the structure of a protein. I actually used the program during my biochemistry class in second year of university! Thus, transitively, I actually helped discover the structure of this protein! (At least sort of, I guess) So cool, huh? Yup!

Those are your 10 vids! Today is definitely a special day because this year, 2012, we actually have a leap year. Hehe, one of my friends was actually born on the 29th. When I asked him in high school how he celebrated his birthday, he said he just had a party every 4 years. According to the Gregorian calendar, he's only 5 years old. However, in my book, he's 20 =D

Ciao, my (male and female) bellas!


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