Ole Henriksen "3 Little Wonders" Review

/ Monday, February 6, 2012 /

Ole Henriksen's "3 Little Wonders" Set is sold in various stores for about $70. This includes 3 things -
1. AM Step 1 Truth Serum Collagen Booster
2. PM Step 1 Invigorating Night Gel
3. Am/PM Step 2 Sheer Transformation

My mom was able to procure a sample of this for me from a Sephora order recently.

The AM Step Truth Serum is a light serum that hydrates the skin with vitamin C. When I tried it, it was just the slightest bit sticky, but the stickiness soon wore away. It did not tingle my skin at all (and I have sensitive skin) and smelled citrus-ey, kind of like a light orange scent. Felt very nice on my skin and definitely brightened it a bit. I was, in fact, in kind of a "happy" mood afterwards.

The AM/PM Step 2 Sheer Transformation functions as a day cream and a night cream. Its texture is a milky white color, yet it glides onto my skin very smoothly and lightly. I could feel my skin literally soaking it up. My skin felt very soothed and yet energized after the application.

The PM Step 1 is a night gel that is supposed to be put on before the Sheer Transformation. It is supposed to help prevent and get rid of wrinkles. It is a clear, viscous gel. Sadly, it stung my face as soon as I put it on; the stinging did not subside for about 10 minutes after I put it on. It took a long time for it to dry. Afterwards, I put on the Sheer Transformation, and naturally I felt the same sensation as I did when I put it on in the morning.

Overall, how do I think of it? I think it is an excellent product that definitely merits some consideration. Unfortunately, it won't be a repurchase for me. How could I spend $70 for so little, when I can get probably 4X as much product for the same price at the drugstore.

Yup. That's that.

What do you guys think about this? Do you think these expensive products are worth the price you pay for them? What skin products or serums do you recommend? Leave a comment!



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