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/ Friday, February 17, 2012 /
Disclaimer: The words in this post that I might use might or might not be very pretty. Be prepared for anything.

All right, I just got my February MyGlam bag in the mail.

You all know what it looks like! There's a bagillion pics and reviews of stuff already out there.

No, sadly, this is not my bag. I was kind of too saddened by the contents of this bag to even put a picture up. I got basically exactly what this lady (and I) got:
1. X-out Shine control
2. NYX Roll on Shimmer
3. Goji Berry Mask
4. Dead Sea Premier Mask + Serum
5. Gift card for a NuMe hair styling tool

What was I sad about?
1. I got my tracking number waay later than most of the rest of the community got theirs
2. This bag was a big let-down compared to December and January's
3. That it was a gift card and not an actual product. I looked on the website and it looks like I have to spend at least another $25 if I want to get anything, which I kinda really don't want to do.

Overall, I think I'll try MyGlam one more month and see what happens. 3 strikes and you're out. That's that. Unless someone convinces me otherwise.

You're out!

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{ Alex Elkins } on: February 18, 2012 at 1:13 PM said...

Hmmmm...I was gonna sign up because I'm a big Michelle fan but I don't think I will now! I think I'd rather do Birchbox big time! Same price plus it's always nice makeup / skin care. I think I'll do that next month :) Maybe you could give it a try too!

{ Med School Girl } on: February 20, 2012 at 4:20 AM said...

Hi Alex, yeah, I have heard about Birchbox. I'll think about it and see what happens with MyGlam. Thanks!

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