The Sunscreen Project, Part 3

/ Thursday, March 29, 2012 /
Solbar AVO SPF 32 4 oz. 

Solbar AVO with Avobenzone SPF 32

The statement from the bottle states that this sunscreen is "non-comedogenic, very water resistant, paba and fragrance-free."

Active ingredients: avobenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, oxybenzone

By first glance, I really like the fact that this sunscreen has avobenzone, which is the only substance that provides coverage against the entire UVA spectrum.

When I first put the sunscreen on, I was really surprised by how well it spread on. This sunscreen actually goes on quite nicely, and although it did seem greasy, it was not as greasy as the last sunscreen I tried the VaniCream SPF 30. I did have to leave it on for awhile before getting used to it. But then again, I thought afterwards, every sunscreen I've used in my life has had this same effect. I guess perhaps that's the way all sunscreens are designed, perhaps?

This sunscreen actually worked pretty well. I wore it out all day and did not get any substantial tanning, and even though I perspired throughout the day, it seemed to hold still. Also, it did not have any smells, which was super nice.

Pros? Not so sticky, has UVA protection and UVB protection
Cons? Still kind of greasy
Overall, do I like it? Yes, better than the Vanicream. But I still want to try other ones before making a decision about which I like and want to use in the long term.

Price: $10.77 for 4 oz on

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