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Disclaimer: I have long, stick-straight, smooth Asian hair. These are the tips and tricks I have picked up throughout the years that have helped. Also, I am NOT a physician, so please consult a physician before trying out any medical-related tips and tricks. These are merely things that I do that have helped me over the years.

Let's get started! ^_^

1. Wash your hair every other day (or every third day) to preserve the natural oils in your hair and let them reach the whole length of the strands. Note: If you tend to breakout along your hair line (the conjunction of your head with your forehead) because of this oil problem, then you have to decide whether you want to preserve the natural oils of your hair and risk getting acne or not. It's a trade-off you have to decide for yourself.

2. Trim the tips of your hair every 2 months.

3. If you see any split ends, snip them off with scissors.

4. Use a hair serum at night.

5. When you are in the shower, leave in your conditioner for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it out.

6. DO NOT use a shampoo that has sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). This is actually a chemical that can cause lots of irritation to the skin (and hair). It is also used in toothpaste to clean your teeth, and is also used in biology laboratories to run agarose gels to visualize DNA strands (people have to use gloves and wear protective clothing to handle these things!). Check the ingredients list on the backs of bottles to make sure the shampoos don't have this chemical.

7. Expensive DOES NOT mean better. My favorite shampoo and conditioner brand, Tresemme, is super cheap, $4 for a 32-oz bottle. Recently I purchased a shampoo from Yes To Carrots, $9 for 16.9 oz (so about 3X more expensive) that DOES NOT work as well as the Tresemme. Go figure.

8. Don't blow-dry your hair. Air drying it out does less damage.

9. Don't dye your hair or give it chemical treatments. It will damage your hair.

10. If you experience hair loss or want to try to grow out your hair more quickly, you can take a B-vitamin supplement. It CANNOT guarantee results, but it may help with the process.

11. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. I cannot overemphasize this enough - diet plays a key role!

12. Drink lots of water! It has so many health benefits, and healthy hair is one of them. When I didn't drink lots of water at times, even during the summer, my hair would grow more slowly or would feel more delicate and breakable.

13. Get plenty of sleep. This is a given. Unfortunately, I can't say I practice this all the time, since I have a terrible college schedule ^_^;

14. Exercise! Whether it's walking for 15 min everyday or training for a triathlon (or somewhere in between), it's beneficial.

15. Rotate out your shampoos and conditioners every once in awhile. Your hair may get inculcated (used to)  particular ingredients or combinations of ingredients. Try out new kinds and you might see new results!

I hope these tips were/are helpful. Lemme know about any tips/tricks that you guys and gals have, and if you do try these tips, tell me about the results!


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