Youtube Makeup Artist of the Month!!!

/ Tuesday, October 25, 2011 /
The YT MUA of October is...


Xteeener ( is Christine Nguyen, a young makeup artist in her early 20s. She is from the US and is very nice and congenial. She is GORGEOUS!!! She does a lot of stuff with drugstore makeup (which is definitely a plus for beauties on a budget) and comes off with a very amiable air.

Some of her latest videos include:
Flapper Makeup (for Halloween costume):

Fast everyday look:

Exotic looks from the runway:

She also does a series called wXw (What Xteeener Wears) that includes OOTDs (Outfit of the Days):

As well as skincare routines:



Something that I really like is that she does not only the hair, makeup stuff, but she also does stuff for taking care of "body" - if that makes any sense. For example, she did a review of an epilator for her underarm and upper lip hair:

She wasn't afraid to show us this. I'm so glad a YT guru was able to be brave enough to be this personal!

I really like xteeener. I encourage you all to check out her YT channel!



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