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/ Thursday, October 6, 2011 /
Here's another random post. 10 random facts about me.

1. I'm really short but actually very proportional. I'm barely above 5 foot, but I have size 6 feet as well. I have tiny wrists, arms, legs as well.

2. I love asian gel pens. The ones with really thin, fine lines and write really finely. It's especially because they are gel pens, and thus don't hurt my hand as much when I write, and at the same time they don't bleed through the page (the American ones tend to do so).

3. I don't look like it, but I eat A LOT. I eat twice, perhaps 3X as much as my best friend (who is a 5' 10'' dude).

4. Instead of buying boba drinks every day at school, I prefer to make my own.

5. I love creating artwork. Drawing, painting, making 3D structures - whatever you name it. Beautiful and fun!

6. I also love creative writing. When I am in certain moods, I can write certain topics. Also it depends on the atmosphere I am in. I have created some very moving pieces of poetry.

7. I am multi-lingual. I can speak, write, understand, etc English, Spanish, and Chinese (although for Chinese I usually have to write by computer). If you stick me in Mexico/Uruguay/Argentina/Spain, I could probably survive.

8. I have very very very smooth, black (brown-black because of natural sunbleaching, I guess) hair. One of my friends loves braiding my hair and playing with it, but she always has trouble braiding because it comes apart so easily. She says it's like "braiding water".

9. I've always had these funny fantasies with animals.

a) Ride in the pouch of a kangaroo.
b) Ride the neck of a giraffe
c) Ride a goat at a petting zoo
d) Swim with a sea turtle
e) Swim with a dolphin
f) Ride on the back of a condor in the sky
g) Get surrounded by a flock of Emperor or Adele penguins in Antarctica
h) Catch an angler fish from the Mariana Trench and bring it to the surface and see what happens (perhaps it would explode due to lack of pressure? not really sure)

10. Now for something nerdy: I have a lab coat that I've bleached 3 times, yet the stains still don't come out. I think it's because the chemicals I worked with in lab are impervious to bleach.... yet just about everything comes off with bleach...

That's it!


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