What phone should I get? (Halloween post)

/ Monday, October 31, 2011 /
Hi Everyone! Happy Halloween!!!!

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All right, enough of the craziness. Question for you guys today: What type of phone should I get? My phone contract is going to expire in a few months and I am soo ready to get a new phone =D My old phone is a Windows Mobile 6.1, which is basically the smartphone before the iPhone, so inefficient, messy, etc. Yeah. A big no-no, do NOT buy this product; I actually think it is not sold anymore (hopefully, esp with the new Windows Phone 7)?

I'm thinking about using either AT&T or T-mobile as my service provider. So thus, I would like to ask you guys for suggestions for what phone I should get. I'm thinking of getting a smartphone, that can text, go on fb, check e-mail, etc etc etc, all those cool goodies. My best friend recently got the Samsung Galaxy S2 and he absolutely LOVES it. One of my freshman roommates also got a smartphone recently, and she has been loving hers. What do you guys think I should get?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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