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/ Sunday, October 9, 2011 /
Hey guys,

Wow.... so around 7 AM today, the sky decided to rain for the first time (like, legit rain) in 1/2 year. It's been pouring ever since then. I haven't been really able to sleep, but since we're on term break I guess it's a good season and good reason for having lazy weather. The sky is all gray and cloudy, like we're in Seattle or something. I would have a picture for you all, but unfortunately I'm stuck in lab till the rain dies down and my camera's back in my room. Hopefully pics later.

Since I had to come to lab today, and the rain didn't let up, I basically walked/trudged through ~4 inches of rain water to get to lab. Granted, the lab I work in is only a few minutes away from the dorm, but still, when I got there, it was terrible. I had a tiny umbrella, and you can only imagine what it was like. I was trying to fit all of me, a large purple backpack, and a large white purse under a tiny umbrella, maybe spanning 3 feet in diameter. Kinda difficult.

By the time I got to lab, I was completely SOAKED. I was wearing flip-flops because I didn't think rainboots were necessary (big fail there) and because it is very difficult to navigate in lab with rainboots. Meaning, they'd be hard to take off, and if acid or something were to corrode them it would be terrible. I would change into my sneakers for lab later. My laptop bag (the laptop sleeve that covers my laptop when I carry it around) was soaked, my backpack was soaked, even my lab coat, which was in a plastic bag inside my backpack, was really really wet.


Thankfully my laptop wasn't soaked; THAT would've been really bad.

Anyways, so what I did I do to ameliorate the situation?

There's a blow dryer in the lab bathroom for drying your hands and stuff. So thus, I just took my backpack, my laptop sleeve, my lab coat, etc, and let them cook under it. And hoorah, everything got so dry and warm! My lab coat was soo cozy to wear; it felt like it had just come out of the dryer (which, in fact, it actually did huh?).

So yeah, afterwards, working in lab was nice and cozy. Although afterwards, I need to trudge back to the dorm... ai ya another soaking journey...



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