My nail polish collection!

/ Saturday, October 15, 2011 /
How I store them: In a simple tin that was originally meant for cookies! =D

Yeah I know, it looks like a lot. I've collected them over the years, and I really like them =D

Here's the whole collection for comparison. It doesn't look like that many now, right? (or at least as many)

Here are the latest ones I have:
I got these for $1.99 each at CVS. From left to right: Hazy 810, Golden 830, Pink Lingerie 110, Espresso 840, Peachy 405, Black Star 880. The original price was $6.29, but one week they lowered it to $4.99 each, with $3 ExtraBucks, so thus, ta-da!

These are my ELF nail polishes. L-R: Fire Coral, Rosy Raisin, Purple Dream, Golden Goddess. They were $1 each (the old ELF formula for nail polishes; they are now $2 each on the website).

Here are the Claire's nail polishes! Plus one Essie nail polish. From L-R: Mean Green, Diva, Secret Garden. I got these for $1 each, from Claire's (oops, that was obvious). The Essie one is "One Day Without Blues". It was for free from a TOMs promotion awhile back. I think it would probably be the most expensive nail polish in my collection, pending it was purchased actually (it would be worth $8).

Random nail polishes! Nail Savvy's French White White (this is a VERY old bottle of nail polish; this was the old formula; the new formula looks completely different), Milani's Baby Pink, Nail Swatches Nail Enamel in a red color (I don't think this product is sold anymore), Estee Lauder in Rosy Pink 62, Unbranded nail polish in "orange sh-orbit". I actually don't know the prices of any of these. They were all gifts from friends and family. I think the Estee Lauder one is worth around $20 though.

NYC + Wet N' Wild nail polishes. L-R: NYC "In a New York Minute" in Pier 17 (208), NYC Long Wearing in Big Money Frost (118), NYC Long Wearing in Pink Promenade Creme (109), NYC Long Wearing in Taxi Yellow Creme (114), Wet N' Wild in Bijou Blue, Wet N' Wild in Kaleidoscope 460C (the very old formula). The NYC "In A New York Minute" was $1.72 from Target. The other NYC's were about a buck each from Target. Wet N' Wild shine (Bijou Blue) was around $1 at Walgreens. I'm not sure about the Wet N' Wild old one in Kaleidoscope; it was given by my mom (I imagine it is worth around $1, if it were brand new).

I forgot to mention my last nail polish: the Revlon Base+Top Coat. I think I got it around $1.99 as well from CVS, although I'm not really sure because I got it awhile ago.

So yeah, that's my nail polish collection! Hope you enjoyed this =D



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