What the heck ELF?

/ Monday, October 17, 2011 /
Like just about every other customer who orders from ELF online, I get periodic newsletters from the website. In case you guys and girls don't know, ELF stands for EyesLipsFace and is a cosmetics company that sells cosmetics at a REALLY cheap price (the majority of things are $1, $3, or at most $5). Today, I got such a newsletter. The featured product was the eyelid primer, which I love!

Nice huh? Look at the pink boxes to see more of the reviews, it says.

However, when I go on the ELF website (www.eyeslipsface.com to check out the product, ALL three types of eyelid primer are sold out!

WHY would you advertise something if it is out of stock? What's the purpose of enticing people to buy it if it isn't even available? Do you just want people to wait around and keep on checking the links to see if the products are available?

Silly ELF.

Anyways, have a good day guys and girls!



{ Alex Elkins } on: October 17, 2011 at 4:02 PM said...

That stinks!! Maybe everyone was just as excited and decided to buy right away? Hopefully they'll restock soon!

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