Soo sick...

/ Wednesday, October 26, 2011 /
Hey guys,

Lately I've been really sick. I've been studying for exams all week (crazy classes, all piling up at the same time!) and I think it's really taken a toll on me. I've had a cold and cough, as well as a fever, and it's really sucked. I've used up 2 trash cans worth of tissues. One night I pulled an all-nighter studying for a biology exam and ran out of tissues, and had to use paper towels instead. That really hurt, and it scraped my nose raw, so I had to use vicks to fix that up :(

Still working on getting better, but right now my regiment is:
1. Lots of vit c drops
2. Tons of cough drops
3. Vicks rub
4. Tea
5. Water
6. Tons and tons of tissues

My best friend is also sick, and we've had basically the same problem. Lolz!

All righty, time to try to do more work (only 1 more test this week!), then more class, then more work, then sleep.



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