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Hey guys,

So today I went to Target to pick up some stuff. This is a really random post but I kind of want to write more on this blog, so here is a random post for ya!

1. Orbit Gum, Berry Remix flavor, $2.39; Extra Dessert Delights (Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, $0.99 each); Trident, Original Flavor, Tropical flavor ($0.99 each)

2. Ghirardelli, Intense Dark Chocolate, 60% and 72% ($2.54 each)

3. New Skin Liquid Bandage, $4.99 (I had actually wanted this for a really long time ever since Jackie Chu posted a youtube video about it. Apparently it heals over wound really quickly. I really want this because I'm trying to break into high-heels for going into the "real world" and they really hurt my feet, and also because plastic band-aids don't work - they come off soo easily)

4. NYC - In a New York Color in a Minute - Flash drying, quick dry nail polish, in 208 Pier 17. (I'm constantly on the move, and thus which means I always want to do stuff while I'm doing my nails. This results in really bad, messed up nails with nail polish that I currently have. I'm going to try this one out and see how well it works. It's a very pretty blue color!) $1.72

5. Toothpaste - Colgate ($2.99), Aquafresh ($1.99). I really wanted the Whitening kind in Aquafresh but sadly they ran out :( So I decided to try the cavity protection kind instead...

6. Sabra Hummus, $5.49 I absolutely LOVE hummus. Unfortunately the hummus they serve in the university cafeteria is filled with this garlic stuff that tastes kind of icky (my friends don't like it either; it has this very strong odor as well). This is really good, and it's gluten-free!

7. Perrier Sparkling Water, $1.89 (I am in love with carbonated water! the unflavored kind especially)

So yeah, a quick little haul for ya. Unfortunately I'm addicted to dark chocolate and finished 1/2 of the first dark chocolate bar before I even got back to the dorm from the bus stop :( It's so hard to stop eating it! Argh!



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