Why do some people think they're just God's gift to the world?

/ Friday, October 28, 2011 /
Why do some people think they're God's gift to the world? Such arrogance? 

If you do something wrong, just apologize for it. Don't state arrogantly that you didn't do it even if you did. Stop trying to save face. 

Be humble. People make mistakes. Admit that you are human.

I'll admit it. Sometimes I can be as stubborn as heck. But I will say that most of the time, if I do something wrong, I will definitely state that I am wrong and I will admit it. I will apologize. I will understand.

I have had some professors who will never admit that they are wrong. Most of my professors have been very warm and kind. But some just apparently don't care. It seems like their gruff attitudes and rigid stances are just their to intimidate people.

I have met some people in my high school and (perhaps even) knew since middle school who were once kind and good. Later, due to community pressures, parental pressures, academic stress, whatever, they turned mean and sour. They stopped speaking to me in the way that they used to. They started treating me as if I was the enemy, that I was the person who was causing all of their problems.

I am just a simple person who is trying her hardest to make an honest living in life. I am academically-driven, yes. I want to survive in life. But I am a person who needs warmth, love, joy, happiness. I am human, weak, and need reassurance.

Sure, I don't need these things from a professor. I don't need it from old classmates who want nothing to do with me other than to hate me for my academic accomplishments and whatever they think I have that they don't. I don't need it from a person with whom I have no other affiliations with other than those of an academic perspective.

I never meant myself to be a "freak of nature" who just stood out from the pack trying to get into an Ivy. I don't even attend "an Ivy" (or at least according to the old definition of what an Ivy is). The people who hated me in high school got into better schools than I did. And I fervently respect them for it. I applaud their efforts. I really respect them and their accomplishments. I wish them the best in their future endeavors and hope that they will succeed in the real world.

I, on the other hand, am just trying to survive my second-to-last semester in college. While some of my high school classmates will soon be going to work in exclusive law firms or consulting companies or investment banks or computer companies or whatever, I will be spending the next 8 years of my life in super tough, challenging work that will be sucking a lot of the life out of me (or so they say) and will cost me almost $200 grand.

So there you go. You win in the end. All of you who wanted what apparently what I was in high school, middle school, whatever, you win out in the end. While you go to earn money, I will be making a negative salary still - paying to do the work that I will do.

Stop trying to be arrogant and admit your mistakes. I just did. I want to say "I'm sorry" for all of the hurt that I caused you over the years. It was 100% unintentional. I was just trying to make my way through being a good student and doing my duty to my family and my community. If it weren't for my warm, understanding, kind teachers and professors and real friends, I wouldn't have made it to today. I want to truly thank them all for what they did, what they understand, how much care they gave me. 

Why are some people just so arrogant? Why do people just want to say they're right no matter what? No matter what they did, even if they were wrong? Why does it matter so much if you are right?

Looking at it from a Christian perspective, Jesus wanted us to be humble and to admit when we were wrong.

Is saving face so important?


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