Stupid mosquito bites!!!

/ Wednesday, October 12, 2011 /
So on Sunday, for the first time in ~1/2 year, it finally rained. For real.

Not some sort of "sunshine rain" or "drizzle" or "a few drops". For real.

I had to go to lab in the terrible 24-hour storm. It was cold. It was dreary. It was wet. But that was okay, compared to...

all of the mosquito bites I got afterward!

You know how when it gets all damp and everything, the mosquitos come out to breed? Well, I've gotten about 17 mosquito bites all over by body ever since this happened. And it sucks. Major time. I always have the problem of wanting to scratch my bites every time I get them. I have this thing which alleviates the itch but it smells terrible (made of camphor). Ai ya....

Anyways, I just gotta tough out this thing. I've gotten so many bites, for example during a trip to the forest for a field trip for a bio lab, I got 98 mosquito bites. Then, during the beginning of the school year, orientation week for freshmen, I got 47 bites! Terrible.

Oh well....



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