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/ Saturday, October 29, 2011 /
Hey guys and gals,

Here's a tag that was created by YT guru Emilynoel83, AKA Beauty Broadcast, AKA Emily Eddington, a newscast anchor near St. Louis, Missouri. Her youtube link to the tag is here:

Anyways, her tag states: "Choose a time period and share 5 ways your beauty routine has changed! "

The time period I will choose is from when I was just starting out with makeup, when I was a junior in high school. I guess I'll do a table of some sort (don't really know how to do that on blogger yet):

1. Skincare
Back then, I didn't know what was the difference between a facial lotion and a body lotion. I used hand soap to wash my face. I didn't moisturize my face. I guess perhaps that's why I had so much acne? And my skin was often so scaly and dry all the time, or breaking out.
Now, I use a moisturizer, toner, facial cleanser (in reverse order of course!), eye cream, all that good stuff. I'll also use compressed face masks and stuff like that from time to time as well. It really does help! My skin's acne is mostly gone, and my skin is sooo much smoother than before.

2. Eyeshadow
Back then, I didn't understand how to use eyeshadow really well. I just took a four-shade pan palette from CoverGirl and used each of the color on all of my lid. I looked like a clown (now that I think back, or at least compared to now) and I guess people were too nice to talk about it.

3. Eyeshadow primer
Yes, and the eyeshadow that I used in the 11th grade would smudge, crease, what not, all. the time! I thought that was just how makeup was supposed to be. Lolz for the terror. Now I use primer, and it actually stays (or at least longer than it did before).

4. Black eyeliner
I used to think that black eyeliner was the ONLY eyeliner that could be used for Asian eyes like mine. I thought that eyeliner was supposed to be paired with haircolor for some reason (yeah, doesn't really make sense). Only 4 years later, during my junior year of college, did I finally grow out of that habit when I realized how much more natural brown eyeliner is, and that blue, purple, white, etc eyeliners are all cool and good!

5. Mascara
Yes, this was THE ONE that was the worst. I started out using something my mom gave me, It was the Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume mascara in Black (click here for the link). It smudged, clumped, etc. I didn't know how to properly use a mascara wand, about the wiping on the tube, the different types of mascaras, waterproof, water resistant, volume vs lengthening vs natural, etc. I just thought that ALL mascaras were this terrible. This is why I didn't wear mascara for years and years, until my junior year in college 4 years later. Now, I'm using Almay One Coat Nourishing Waterproof Thickening mascara in Black (click here for the link) and it's SOO much better, stays on, etc. And now I use mascara on a daily basis, and I know how to apply it properly. PTL!

So yeah, that's My Beauty Evolution, so to say. So now, I tag all of you to do a Beauty Evolution post as well! Tell me in the comments 5 things that have changed for you in your beauty routine since a certain time point. Yay!



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