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/ Monday, October 17, 2011 /
Hey guys and gals,

So, currently, I'm a senior in college. I'm 21 years old. I feel like my life is just beginning, that perhaps sometimes I still feel like I'm a child. However, sometimes it seems like my friends, peers, and acquaintances who are around my age are growing up way faster than I am!

Lately, three of my friends have just gotten engaged. One of my former roommates just got married. Several of my friends from high school are having children.

Wow... time is moving so quickly. As my third grade teacher would put it, "Tempus Fugit", or "time flies" in Latin. In a few years, I will be at the age my mother was when she got engaged. However, I am amazed at all of these people 'getting hitched' - I still feel like I'm a child at times; I want to mature more during school, go through professional school, get my career started, etc, before I'm ready to "get married and have kids." Sure, my biological clock is ticking. Every woman's biological clock is constantly ticking. But I have to sacrifice this in order to be able to have a career so that I can provide for my child. So, sorry mom, I can't do what you did when I am at your age. I need to get my career on track first.

On the other hand, the dating scene at my college is TERRIBLE. Most of the boys are very nerdy, shy, or immature, or something. The mature ones are mostly already taken. As a woman jaded by the dating system, "where are all of the decent men in the world?" "Why are all of the decent men taken?"


What do you peeps think of this?

Do you have friends who are engaged, married, or are having children, or already have children? And those who got engaged/married/had children in their late teens/early twenties/in college?

What about the dating scene in your colleges/high schools/graduate schools/work/anywhere?

What is your opinion of the ticking biological clock?

Do you know of any women who want to sacrifice their "mommy career" in lieu of a "professional career"? What's your opinion of women becoming like this?



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