April YT MUA of the Month!!!

/ Thursday, May 3, 2012 /
This month's Youtube MUA of the Month is...


Diamondandheels14 is the user name of Cassandra Bankson, a 19-20 year old girl living in the Bay area of California. Cassandra is a model who does lots of youtube videos on makeup and skincare in her spare time!

She's done TONS of vids. Like, on my feed, she puts out perhaps 1-2 a day. That's a lot, considering how many days are in a year. Seriously!

Truth: Cassandra really has very acne-prone skin, meaning, lots of acne. However, she is able to use makeup to cover it up (very heavy coverage makeup). Look at the transformation here!

She said later on a talk show/news show that when she first put out this video, she didn't look at Youtube for a month, because she was so afraid of what everyone was going to say. She said that she had very little self-confidence about it but wanted to show the world the truth. And you know what? The world was so kind and responsive to it, for her bravery and courage! I personally applaud her for doing this. She is a beautiful young woman with a ton of talent and zest!

More videos:

Advice on skincare:

Ways to stop popping pimples:

Acne treatment:
Cystic acne:

Dirty makeup brushes with acne:

One thing that's really cool about her is that she connects skincare with makeup, which is something that is really important, as both are things that work on the skin. Very good!

Cassandra's actually been on a ton of talk shows and had a lot of publicity.

Things like:

UK Lorraine Show:

Good Morning America:


I would highly recommend diamondandheels14 as a channel to subscribe to for skincare and makeup-related topics. Really cool girl with a great attitude on life, and lots of courage and bravery!


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