Hair serum + heat protectant review!

/ Thursday, November 17, 2011 /
Hey guys,

Today I'm gonna do a review on two products I purchased earlier during the semester/year at CVS.

This was the first product I bought, the Fruitopia sleek & shine anti-frizz serum. It was $5. I've used it for awhile. Every other night, after I wash my hair, I would pump out about a dime's worth of product onto my hands and rub it in my hands. Then I would rub it all throughout my hair.

Does it work?
Well I'll tell you this. I actually have very straight hair that normally doesn't go frizzy, so that's not the thing. I wanted it because it actually has anti-UV properties for the hair, which is nice. Also, along with some other stuff I've been doing, my hair has grown faster - it used to only grow about 1 inch/month but now it's more like 1.5 inches per month. Nice huh? It does smell nice, and gives my hair extra protection. Will it be a repurchase? I dunno - I'll have to test it out longer to see.

Second product:

This is the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector, aka the heat protectant. I use it and spray it on my hair before ironing. Wow - I've got to say since I've got a substantial amount of hair, this means that I have to use A LOT of the product, a lot of sprays, before my hair is well-protected. Ai ya.

However, the product smells very nice - just like all of the other Garnier products. Does it work? Well, along with the serum and the heat protectant and my shampooing/conditioning routine, my hair HAS been growing faster, and it's still relatively healthy. So I think it's pretty good. Will it be a repo? I dunno - I want to try the Tresemme one (heat protectant) and see what that one does - it's the one that a lot of people have recommended to me. Also, Tresemme is my favorite brand for shampoo/conditioner, so I'm kind of loyal there, but we'll see.

Have a great day guys!



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