Never leave your noodles in water too long!

/ Friday, November 11, 2011 /
A few days ago, I was studying for all of my exams. I decided to make instant ramen noodles in order to give myself a boost of confidence.. yeah you know the Shin Ramyun kind, my fave kind =D

But the bad thing was... I forgot all about it!!! And I forgot to eat it, and it was just sitting there, and sitting there.... getting bigger and bigger....

The noodles swelled up bigger and bigger with water, till....

Oh my goodness! Look at it! I know it might look like regular ramen from this point of view but in reality the ramen had grown 3X what it was normally supposed to be. I had to throw it out because it was too watery and it was like eating mushy water rather than ramen :(

So, lesson of the day: NEVER put your ramen in water for too long! Eat it when it's supposed to be eaten!



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