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/ Saturday, May 25, 2013 /
Yesterday the plumber came to unclog a couple of my drains. Since my condo is pretty old (think ~40 years old), there are definitely parts that need maintenance.

Yes - the plumber did a great job. All the drains were unclogged and great. However, the adverse effect was not good. To my skin.

Look at this:


These pictures were actually taken after my skin got a lot better - when the rashes had subsided about 60%. At the height of them, they were angry red pustules that were super itchy and painful.

What are these?

These are the product of contact dermatitis - which is what happens when the skin contacts irritants such as drain cleaners and other solvents. It sucks. Yeah.

What have I been doing to help out my skin?

  1. Body wash (not in picture): Changed to papaya + oatmeal. Buy a giant papaya at the store for $3 and take out the fruit. Blend it till it becomes a puree and then store it in sections in the fridge (separated into individual baggies). Then, when you need it, just take out 1+ baggies as needed and heat up the puree as needed in the microwave. Mix some oatmeal in with it. The thing is that papaya and oatmeal are soothing ingredients that are very good to the skin. They are, after all, two very simple ingredients - just papaya + oatmeal!
  2. Benadryl Itch Cooling Gel with 0.45% Camphor: This product smells terrible (due to the camphor) but it creates a cooling gel sensation that takes your mind off of the itch. 
  3. Benadryl Cream - 2% Diphenhydramine hydrochloride + 0.1% Zinc Acetate. This is a skin protectant that helps get rid of some of the itching. I bought the generic version of it because literally (1) it had the same ingredients as the Benadryl cream and (2) it was $3 cheaper. Lolz.
  4. Mometasone Furoate Cream 0.1% - This was actually a prescription-grade glucocorticosteroid that really helps out the skin. It is stronger than all of the OTC creams I've ever used. My doc basically prescribed it to me last year when I had another crazy rash from a plant. She told me that basically I could use it whenever another such rash popped out. Thank goodness it hasn't expired yet, so I could it use it for this problem!
Anyway, these are things I'm doing to help out my rashes. It's really sad that I have them but at least these help!



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