My fave flip-flops of all time

/ Thursday, December 1, 2011 /
These are the Sketchers Cali flip-flops that I bought a few summers ago. I wear flip-flops all the time on-campus (especially since the weather here in the deep south is basically 80 deg F + during about 90% of the year). I've gone through lots of pairs of flip-flops, just about all of them were around at most $5 a pair. However, they all broke about 1/2 year after wearing them. I've had these for perhaps 2.5 years now and they're still lasting me strong. They feel really nice and soft and cushiony as well.

However... they cost me $28 (originally they were $52, but they were on sale)....

Do you guys and gals think buying expensive flip-flops are worth it? Leave a comment!



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