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/ Tuesday, December 27, 2011 /
I got this eyeliner purely out of curiosity. I was always afraid that eyeliners with applicators that weren't pencil style would not give very precise lines. Ai ai ai.

Finally, however, I decided to just go, out of pure instinct, and try these out. I got two of these eyeliners - Plum (purple color) and coffee (brown color).

Plum is on the left, and coffee is on the right.

These eyeliners were $3 each (you can find them either at Target or here).

I have been using these eyeliners for more than 3 months now. At first, these eyeliners were really quite nice. For some reason, the plum one was really dry, whereas the coffee one was much more "creamy" - living up to its purported name. I would apply them with my eyeliner brush from ELF's mineral line's 5 piece brush set (click here for the link). They actually are very easy to apply on and get on.

However, afterwards, it wasn't so good (after ~2 months):

Look at the physical evidence here on the Plum eyeliner! the "pot" of eyeliner literally popped out. It dried out so much that it had come out.

Oh my goodness.

I don't know if you can tell, but the edges around the coffee eyeliner here have dried up too. The eyeliners have literally "shrunk". Lolz.

Nevertheless, while they were still good, their staying power was very good. They were super pigmented.

Swatches: Plum, Coffee

Swatches more up close (except a bit blurry)

As I had stated before, their staying power is quite great. Here they are after rigorous rubbing with paper towels + alcohol hand sanitizer in a futile effort to remove them:
Notice how red my skin is because of the rubbing?

Overall, what do I think of them? Nice price, great staying power, great pigmentation, great versatility. While it lasted. These eyeliners say that their lasting date is 3 months, and literally it IS ONLY 3 months. Any more, and they literally shrink up, change composition, and don't really work properly anymore. Would I repurchase it? Probably not, because really because I can only use them for 3 months, whereas if I had bought another one, say Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (click here for reviews) I could probably get 12 months of use, and that would be for $8. $8/12 months = 67 cents per month of use, whereas $3/3 months = $1 per month of use. Yeah I know, only 33 cent difference, but still I'd like to try something else after this. Even though I still think ELF is a very good brand to use.

Have you peeps ever tried cream/gel eyeliners? What do ya'll think of them? Leave a comment below!



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