Random things I am liking and using....

/ Tuesday, December 6, 2011 /
A collage I made using an Ulta catalog.

Molding wax for hair styles (works better for me than hairspray)

Awesome-smelling deodorant

Pumpkin my suitemate bought =D

Sweet-smelling body wash

Awesome shaving cream (basically scentless, although it is supposed to be raspberry scent)

Great floss, probably the best I've ever tried

Of course, how could I forget my mouthwash?

Earrings that my grad student calls "fancy baseball bats"

Awesome Adidas shoes that my mom bought (early Christmas present)

Of course, during finals season, wouldn't I need a snack?

Of course, this great for Saturday nights, when my university's cafeteria isn't open, and I don't have a car to eat off-campus

Dandiya sticks that I made for Garba (Indian holiday for dancing, earlier in the school year)

Hot chocolate for winter fun!


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